Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock the Forest of Valor Biome

The Forest of Valor is the second biome in terms of progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It unlocks new materials, crops, and quests that help players progress in the game.

Usually, this is unlocked right after the beach biome, when players start looking for materials like iron ore.

However, the Forest of Valor is split into two parts. While the first is unlocked solely via dreamlight, the second requires players to complete a specific quest.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to unlock both parts in the Forest of Valor biome, go through the materials that you’ll find there, and guide you through your next steps after completing it.

How to Unlock the Forest of Valor Biome

Exploring the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Forest of Valor is located on the right (east) side of the village. It can be accessed either via the village or the beach.

In order to unlock it, you’ll need to complete the ‘Friendship is Everything’ quest, given by Merlin. If you’ve already unlocked the beach biome, then you’ve completed the quest.

In case you haven’t, consider checking our guide on how to unlock the beach biome and complete the Friendship is Everything quest.

Right after the quest, you’ll be able to unlock the Forest of Valor for 3.000 dreamlight by interacting with the thorns blocking your way.

How to Unlock the Second Part in the Forest of Valor

Elsa’s cave, located in the second part of the Forest of Valor.

After exploring the Forest of Valor, you’ll soon notice that about half of the map is inaccessible. It can only be accessed via the two bridges, both of which are blocked with mushroom-filled logs.

To unlock the second part in the Forest of Valor, you will need to complete Anna’s quest which rewards you with a shovel upgrade.

Then, you can use the shovel to remove the tree trunks and clear the path. Unlocking the second part of the Forest of Valor will allow you access and progress more questlines.

Materials Available in the Forest of Valor

Fishing with Elsa in the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There’s a wide variety of new materials in the Forest of Valor, ranging from seeds and flowers to the new iron ore.

  • Iron ore
  • Hardwood
  • Blueberries
  • Lemons
  • New Flowers
  • Aquamarine and Emerald
  • Snowball (complete Elsa’s questline to mine)
  • Garlic
  • Carp (Blue hotspots) & Pike (Golden hotspots)
  • Bell pepper/Onion/Canola (Goofy’s stand)

Also, you’ll unlock the characters Donald Duck and Kristoff with their respective storylines. Lastly, in the Forest of Valor, you will find Anna and Kristoff’s house and Elsa’s ice cave.

Which Biome to Unlock After the Forest of Valor

Anna and Kristoff’s home in the Forest of Valor.

The next biome in terms of progression is the Glade of Trust. It costs 5.000 dreamlight to unlock (up from 3.000 that were needed for Forest of Valor) and provides an extra way to gather iron.

In addition, it features Mother Goethel’s questline, with a variety of new materials to unlock.

Of course, you can unlock any other biome instead, but keep in mind that Glade of Trust is the cheapest option available and is necessary for progressing the main story.


In short, the Forest of Valor biome is unlocked after completing the Friendship is Everything quest and costs a total of 3.000 dust.

It is one of the best investments early on as it unlocks a wide variety of materials and many character quests.

I highly recommend unlocking the Forest of Valor early on, as its benefits are too good to ignore.

If you enjoyed reading this guide, consider checking our in-depth article on how to make all the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Have you unlocked the Forest of Valor yet? What are your favorite materials or quests from this area? Let us know in the comments below.


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