Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Unlock Glade of Trust Biome

Biomes are a key aspect to measure progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley. With a variety of new materials, quests, and events, unlocking a new biome is always exciting.

In terms of progression, the Glade of Trust Biome should be the third biome to unlock, after Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.

If you haven’t unlocked them yet, consider checking our guides on how to unlock the Beach biome and how to unlock the Forest of Valor biome.

In this guide, I’ll showcase how to unlock both parts of the Glade of Trust biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley and go through all the new materials that can be found there.

How to Unlock the Glade of Trust Biome

Glade of Trust map location in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Glade of Trust biome is located on the bottom left side of the map and can be accessed through the beach or the meadow.

The unlock cost is 5.000 dreamlight in total. It’s the next step in terms of cost after the Beach (1.000 cost) and the Forest of Valor (3.000 cost).

If you’re missing dreamlight, consider checking our guide on how to get Dream shards and Night shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock the second part in the Glade of Trust

The Glade of Trust biome is split into two parts, separated by the two bridges near the middle of the map. These bridges are blocked by tall mushrooms.

To unlock the second part in the Glade of Trust, players will need to progress Merlin’s questline to the end, upgrade the watering can, and use it to destroy the mushrooms blocking the bridge.

Use the upgraded watering can to unlock the second half in the Glade of Trust.

With the bridge mushrooms removed, you should now have access to the full Glade of Trust biome, along with all of its materials, quests, and recipes.

With the watering can upgraded, don’t forget to destroy the mushrooms all around the Glade of Trust, especially those that are hiding chests in them.

Materials Available in the Glade of Trust

Goofy’s stand with Rice, Spinach, Lemons, and Okra in the Glade of Trust.

If you’ve already visited the Forest of Valor, some materials like Iron ore and Lemons won’t be new to you. Here’s a list of all the materials that you’ll find for the first time in Glade of Trust.

  • Mushrooms
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Rice, Spinach, Okra (Goofy’s Stand)
  • Clay
  • New Flowers
  • Citrine (Gem)

In addition, you unlock Mother Gothel’s storyline, which is a key part of the main story in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Which Biome to Unlock After the Glade of Trust

Exploring the Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After unlocking both parts in the Glade of Trust Biome, gathering all available materials, and completing each quest there, you’re probably wondering what’s the next step.

I highly recommend aiming for the Sunlit Plateau biome after completing Glade of Trust. It is located above the Glade of Trust and can be accessed through the Village.

The Sunlit Plateau costs 7.000 dreamlight to unlock and is the cheapest option after the Beach, the Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust.

The Sunlit Plateau gives you access to various new materials including chili peppers and gold ore.


Glade of Trust is the third biome to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley and features various materials and quests essential for progressing in the game.

To unlock it fully, players need to complete all of Merlin’s quests and receive the watering can upgrade.

Now that you know how to unlock the Glade of Trust biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley, what’s your next step? Are you leveling friendship with Merlin, farming certain seeds, or simply exploring around the Valley? Let us know in the comments below!

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