Disney Dreamlight Valley Emerald: Where to Find

Every game has its very own rare and very difficult item to find. The Diamond in Minecraft is a very good example of one. In Disney Dreamlight Valley it is the Emerald.

Stay tuned to find out where and how to find it.

When you’re in the search of these extremely rare items you will want to set aside a lot of energy and time to be able to find them.

They are rare for a reason too. They are extremely pricy and can make you very rich in a very short amount of time.

In this guide, we will be talking about the rarest item in Disney Dreamlight Valley – the Emerald and where you are able to find it. Let’s get started.

Where to Find the Emerald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are only 2 locations in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley where you are able to find the Emerald. One is in the Forest of Valor and the other is in Glade of Trust.

They will be literally mining ore locations that are placed usually right next to the mountainous regions of these maps. All that you’ll need to have on you is a Pickaxe.

A big help when mining Emeralds will of course be a mining companion. Having one will give you tons of rewards and tons of emeralds that you’re able to get per ore.

Also, make sure to level up those mining companions to a maximum so you will be getting more and more emeralds per ore.

Mining Locations for Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

These are the Emerald Mining Locations for Forest of Valor:

These are the mining location for Emeralds in the Glade of Trust:

You will need a total of 8000 Dreamlight Coins in order to be able to unlock all of these maps. If you do not have these maps, you won’t be able to find Emeralds.

Emeralds are rare green gems that can be bought with 325 coins and are needed to finish some quests.

It takes five minutes for rock veins to reappear, so wait a few more minutes and then go back to the Forest of Valor. 

Repeat this mining route until you have enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds. 

When you do find an Emerald, there is a chance that your Disney friend will help you find another one, which can move things along very quickly.

Where to Find the Shiny Emerald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will want to go to the same locations as shown for the other Emerald. They are also in the Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor locations.

Getting a Shiny Emerald is all based on the RNG(luck) of your mining. There will be a very small chance that with each ore mined you will be getting a Shiny Emerald.

To increase those chances you will have to increase the skill level of your mining companion. Other than that, it is all luck from there. 

You are also able to buy the Shiny Emeralds from Goofy’s Stall but they are very costly.

Where to Sell Emeralds

Emeralds can be sold at any of Goofy’s stands, but the one in Peaceful Meadow is the easiest to find. 

A regular Emerald can be sold for 325 Star Coins, but a Shiny Emerald can be sold for 1,300 Star Coins. 

You don’t have to do anything special to find shiny versions of gems when you’re mining.


That should be everything that you’ll need to know about Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Make sure that you will be checking out those mining ore locations whenever you pass near them.

It is a very small chance, but once you get an Emerald, or better yet a Shiny Emerald, you will be rich! That is why these small green gems are a fortune when found.

I hope that this guide has helped you out and made you rich by selling all the emeralds that you’ve been able to find. Happy mining!

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