Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get More Energy

Energy is required to carry out almost all activities in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll be consuming energy from doing a simple task, like moving your furniture, to completing big tasks in a quest.

Running out of energy makes you unable to do the simplest of tasks in the game, which can be a bummer if it happens in the middle of a quest. So, how to get more energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley and save yourself from such horror?

How to get more Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Energy Bar

As you consume energy by completing tasks, the blue bar will get smaller and smaller. Let’s take a look at how we can increase it back up.

Energy can be tracked by the Energy Bar, which is present in the left corner of your screen. If it’s filled in blue, then it means that your character is full of energy.

Firstly, we’ll take a look at how you can regain the energy you’ve lost, before moving into increasing the amount of energy you can expend.

Returning Home

We all feel more energetic once we’ve taken some rest after returning home from a long day of work, right?

Energy bars comparison

You’ll gain a full bar of energy once you’ve entered your home in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you notice the Energy Bar after going in, you’ll see it’s filling up quite rapidly.

It’s that easy to restore energy! But, what if you aren’t close to your home and in the middle of a quest?

Eating Food

Consuming food is another way to regain your energy levels. Both raw ingredients and meals will increase your energy.


The energy you can get from meals depends on its star-rating. The greater the star-ratings, the more energy you’ll obtain.

For example, 5-star meals, like Ratatouille, will help you gain a considerable amount of energy more than 3-star and 2-star meals.

For food that aren’t meals, you can still figure out the amount of energy that it will provide. Once you select the food, you can see stats like “Eat” and “Sell” for that particular item.

Eat Stat

The value of “Eat” denotes the amount of energy that you’ll obtain from eating the food.

Going back home is the best solution to getting your energy level back up, since it’s free and doesn’t use up resources.

In the case of eating food, I’d recommend using up the scarcely-used items and 1-star meals together to regain energy, rather than 4-star and 5-star meals.

How to Increase Energy Level in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Increasing the size of the Energy Bar is the ultimate solution to not running out of energy frequently, and doing so isn’t complicated either.

It usually happens automatically as you progress through the game and complete the quests. The Energy Bar should increase automatically and you’ll notice you’re running out of energy much later than before.

Friendship Level
Friendship Level 2

A further boost to get more energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to strengthen the friendship bonds with all the characters and animals.

The best way to raise the Friendship Levels with characters is to complete their quests. You can feed them food and meals as well, which works for animals too.

Wrapping Up

Do you see how simple it is to get more energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Kudos to the devs for making such an essential resource in the game easy to obtain!

Was this guide helpful for you? Did you manage to increase your energy level in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re a novice to the game, you can check out this article for the best tips and tricks!

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