Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Animals

Feeding animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley is quite pleasing when you get to do it once.

Apart from the gifts that the animals give you in return, just the mere act of friendship and interaction with the animal can be so heart-warming!

Gameloft has done an amazing job in adding facial reactions of the animals once you give them their favorite food – and trust me, it is the best thing in the world!

So, without delaying further, go through my guide on how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and see for yourself!

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently home to eight different animals from different kingdoms.

The animals in the Realms include ravens, sunbirds, sea turtles, raccoons, crocodiles, foxes, and the two cutest ones are the rabbits and the squirrels.

Happy Rabbit

More animals will probably be added as the game updates in the future. Each animal can be found in a specific place in the Realms.

These animals also have a particular preference when it comes to food and will only be content when it’s offered.

Today, I’ll be covering how you can feed the rabbits and squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as these are the most well-known of the animals. I’ll provide short notes on other animals as well.

How to feed Rabbits in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Rabbits are found in the Peaceful Meadow, which is the first area on the map that you’ll be exploring.

They can be found around the bushes and once you see one, move close to it and press the button required (for your PC/Console) to approach and interact. The rabbit may run away when you get close to it.

Selecting Carrot for Rabbit

You need to keep patience for a bit and follow it around, and try to interact every time you get near it.

At the third or fourth try, you should be able to finally communicate with the rabbit. The food inventory will automatically come up on the window.

The rabbit’s favorite food are carrots. Therefore, only select carrots from your food menu to make it happy.

Feeding Rabbit Rewards

The rabbit will give you an item, such as dream shards, in return as a gift, which will help you progress in the game and increase your game money.

Giving the rabbit other food items won’t really make it happy and you’ll usually not get any gift items in return, but you still earn points for completing it as an in-game mission.

How to feed Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Squirrels are the other adorable animal species in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They can be found in the Plaza.

They’re readily available and you can communicate with them the same way you did for the rabbits.

Approach a squirrel and press the required button on the screen. The moment you approach it, however, it can flee.

You’ll need to exercise some patience as you follow it around and try to interact each time you come within range of it.

You should be able to finally communicate with the squirrel after a few attempts.

From the food menu, you should choose Apples or Peanuts as those are the squirrel’s favorite. Apples are easily found on the large number of apple trees planted around Plaza.

Similar to the rabbit, the squirrel will reward you too. You’ll also earn points just for feeding a squirrel anything.

How to feed Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Crocodiles are found in the Glade of Trust and you can only make these dangerous animals happy by offering them Lobster.

Glade of Trust
Glade of Trust

On the other hand, Raccoons are available in the Forest of Valor. Blueberries are their favorite food and you can shoot your shot in trying to befriend them.

The favorite food of Sea Turtles is the Seaweed, while Foxes love the White Sturgeon. If you can get your hands on these food items, you can most definitely tame a Fox (after several tries, of course)!

If I’m being honest, befriending these animals by feeding them are the key attraction for me. The dream shards are just a bonus!

It’s important to note that, you can only feed a specific animal once a day. After that, they won’t respond to you at all when you approach them.

Wrapping Up

I can’t wait for Gameloft to add more animals to the game. The game itself is wholesome and fun to play, and even more when it’s in high-quality, since the graphical aspects are absolutely top-notch!

From moving furniture around and beautifying your home to cooking the Ratatouille, Disney Dreamlight Valley has lots of exciting aspects to try out!

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