Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Move & Remove Furniture [Full Guide]

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun simulation game that lets you do all sorts of fun things. This includes decorating your home.

But we all know that you end up wanting to change a thing or two every now and then – and that’s what we’re here to learn: how to move or remove furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you get access to your home, you can move and remove furniture by activating your backpack. Once there, click the “Furniture” menu and start customizing as you see fit.

The building part in this game is actually very interesting and has a big depth. That is why sometimes the most basic thing like moving or removing furniture might come as a challenge.

So let’s get a bit more in depth with this tutorial and see what you should do, step by step.

How To Move Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you initially start playing the game, you’ll meet a character named Merlin, who will instruct you on how to use some of the game’s fundamental features. 

Once you have assisted Merlin, you will be permitted to enter your home, and once inside, you will be free to personalize it in any way you see fit. 

It is to be expected that your house will not have the most beautiful appearance. Sometimes you might get some need of fixing things too.

Therefore, while you are inside the home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to unzip your backpack in order to move and remove the furnishings. 

After that, find the pieces of furniture, and finally, shut the panel. 

You will see a little hand, which, on certain switches at least, you must move about until it is positioned over the piece of furniture that you wish to move or remove, and then you must press the A or the click button.

  • If you are playing on Nintendo Switch, hitting the X button will open the inventory menu; 
  • if you are playing on Xbox, pushing the Y button will open the inventory menu; 
  • and if you are playing on PlayStation, pressing the Triangle button will open the inventory menu. 

After that, to access the furniture menu, pick the item on the side of the menu that reads “furniture.” This will bring up the furniture menu.

As soon as you get access to the furniture menu, you will be able to see your home from a variety of different perspectives, and you will also have a list of all of the different kinds of furniture that you are able to fit into your house. 

Simply choose the category of furniture and the item within that category that you want to put down, and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to relocate it to a variety of various positions inside your home.

How To Remove Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Simply while you are in the furniture menu and have the magical hand equipped, you will want to select the furniture that you want to remove.

Now simply instead of moving it around and placing it in a different location, you will want to move it towards the Remove bar on the bottom.

Once you take it here you will get to remove the furniture that you didn’t want. You will get a small discount when doing this too.

Don’t go removing so many things because you might just run out of points for buying new furniture! Although there are plenty of ways how to obtain founder’s packs.


That is it! I hope that this guide was helpful to you and provided you with the knowledge of how to move and remove furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Decorating your house in this game is one of the most rewarding and interesting aspects so it is a good thing that you know how to do this now.

Go on ahead and give it a try yourself now too! What is your favorite aspect of this game and why? Do let me know down in the comments below. Happy decorating!

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