Coral Island: How to Unlock Greenhouse [Full Guide]

The greenhouse is a key building in Coral Island, where players can plant any crop regardless of the season. And since this is such an useful in-game building, I have decided to write this guide on how to unlock the Greenhouse in Coral Island.

It’s pretty obvious that the greenhouse is an essential building, especially for the winter season, when players are normally unable to plant anything.

Unlocking it is far from easy and will require keeping track of resources and farming and foraging for the right items.

But I am here to help, so read on to find out how to unlock the greenhouse in Coral Island. I will also share some advice on the best crops to grow there.

How to Unlock the Greenhouse

To unlock the Greenhouse in Coral Island, players need to complete the entire First Goddess Shrine in the Lake Temple. (It will all make sense if you keep reading!)

This means that players will need to collect all kinds of crops from various seasons and spend at least 3 in-game seasons before getting the greenhouse.

The earliest it can be unlocked is just before the first winter of the game. But let’s see how to complete the first Goddess Shrine’s bundles.

How to Complete the First Goddess Shrine

First, players need to unlock the Lake Temple through the main story quest. After that, they will need to complete all available bundles, which are the following:

  • Essential Resources
  • Spring Sesajen
  • Summer Sesajen
  • Fall Sesajen
  • Winter Sesajen
  • Ocean Scavengeables

Completing all bundles automatically repairs the greenhouse next to the player’s farm. Let’s see the required items for each bundle in turn.

Essential Resources Bundle

Essential resources bundle in Coral Island.

These are core resources found almost anywhere. Therefore, this is the easiest bundle to complete and awards the recycling machine. Players will need to donate 5 out of the 7 items.

  • 10 Wood
  • 10 Stone
  • 10 Fiber
  • 10 Sap
  • 10 Maple Seeds
  • 10 Pine Cones
  • 10 Oak Seeds

If you’re struggling with any of the seeds, consider checking our guide on how to get tree seeds in Coral Island.

Spring Bundle

Spring bundle in Coral Island.

Everything can be found during the first spring in Coral Island with relative ease. Completing this bundle awards sugarcane seeds. Here, players need to donate all items.

  • Turnip (farm)
  • Carrot (farm)
  • Daisy (farm)
  • Wasabi (forage)
  • Morel (forage)

Wasabi is the hardest item to find in this list since it has a rare spawn chance and is harder to spot due to its green textures.

If you want to learn more about the best spring crops in the game, make sure to read my guide once you’re done with this one!

Summer Bundle

Summer bundle in Coral Island.

The summer bundle is also straightforward since everything can be farmed or foraged within the first few days of summer. Completing this bundle awards tomato seeds and players need to donate all 5 items.

  • Blueberry (farm)
  • Hot Pepper (farm)
  • Bronze-quality Sunflower (farm)
  • Shallot (forage)
  • Hibiscus (forage)

The hardest item on the list is the bronze-quality sunflower, since getting bronze-quality flowers requires some luck. To increase your chances, consider using silver kelp to craft high-quality fertilizer.

Fall Bundle

Fall bundle in Coral Island.

For the fall bundle, things are similar to the summer one with one bronze-quality crop required. Completing the bundle unlocks barley seeds and requires 5 items.

  • Pumpkin (farm)
  • Bronze-quality Rice (farm)
  • Orchid (farm)
  • Black Trumpet (forage)
  • Fig (forage)

The hardest part is either the bronze-quality rice since it requires luck or the pumpkin which requires town rank E to purchase. If you haven’t reached town rank E yet, here’s how to increase your town rank fast in Coral Island.

Also, you probably know that you can harvest some amazing crops during this season. Make sure to read my previous guide detailing the best fall crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley to make all the right choices.

Winter Bundle

Winter bundle in Coral Island.

The winter bundle is the hardest of all bundles to complete. The reason is that all 3 items that must be farmed require town rank C to unlock. Also, these need to be purchased and farmed during fall, not winter.

This means that players must reach town rank C before the end of the first fall to complete this bundle in the first year.

Completing this bundle awards Tea seeds and requires 5 items.

  • Garlic (farm)
  • Bronze-quality Watermelon (farm)
  • Fairy Rose (farm)
  • Brussel Sprouts (forage)
  • Kale (forage)

Garlic, watermelon, and fairy rose all require town rank C to purchase and can only be planted in the fall season, which makes the process significantly hard.

Ocean Bundle

Ocean bundle in Coral Island.

Lastly, the ocean bundle includes items that can be foraged while diving. Completing this bundle awards bronze kelp essence and requires 5 items to complete.

  • 5 Sea Salt
  • Calico Scallop
  • Eastern Oyster
  • Blue Mussel
  • Purple Sea Urchin

All 5 items are found while diving, so make sure to explore the ocean and gather everything.


To sum up, this is how to unlock the greenhouse in Coral Island. Players need to complete all 6 bundles in the First Goddess shrine at the Lake Temple.

This can be done in the first year on the island but it’s not an easy process.

What do you think about the lake temple bundles? What are you planting once you unlock the greenhouse? Let us know in the comments below.

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