Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fix No Code Screen & Verification Mail Issue

Disney Dreamlight Valley launch has its fair share of technical issues. Two of the most common issues are the lack of the code screen and the verification e-mail.

These prevent users from creating cloud accounts, and in turn from receiving their founder’s packs. If you’ve managed to create a cloud account, check our guide on how to claim your founder’s pack.

In this guide, I’ll go through the no code screen & verification mail issues, explain what causes them and provide some ideas on how to fix them.

What are the No Code Screen Issue & Verification Mail Issues

Connecting to Cloud Save in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To ensure you won’t lose any progress, it is recommended to create a cloud account in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To do that, players need to sign up for an account. Afterwards, they have to verify their email.

However, many users claim they haven’t received any verification emails at all. Others, don’t get transferred to the code screen to complete the overall process.

In either case, players are unable to create their cloud accounts, and that hinders their progress in the game.

How to Solve No Code Screen & Verification Mail Issues

Crossing a bridge in Disney Dreamlight Valley with Timon and Pumbaa.

There are a few solutions to deal with these issues that involve checking your emails, repeating the process, and emailing the support department.

Check Spam Folder

To solve this, first, make sure you’ve checked all your email folders thoroughly. Especially the spam folder, since it’s highly likely the verification email will be there.

If you still can’t find it, try the next step.


If you are certain you haven’t received the verification email, repeat the process. Either right away or at a later time.

This issue is caused due to the massive influx of players in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And each of these players is trying to create a cloud account.

Your best bet is to either wait a few hours and try at a less populated hour of the day (early morning/late night), or keep repeating it until you receive your email.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official Twitter is aware of the situation and will update us with a solution when there’s a solution.

Email Support

If these issues persist after trying multiple times and on different occasions, and you’re running out of patience, you can consider messaging their official support.


In short, the no code and no verification email issues occur while attempting to create a cloud account. This occurs because Disney Dreamlight Valley’s servers are overloaded by the huge influx of players.

The best solutions at the moment are to continue trying to create an account. Either spam it until you get an email, or wait a few hours and try then. As long as you’re trying on a less popular hour of the day, you should be able to get through.

Did these fix the issue for you? Do you have another solution in mind? Let us know in the comments below


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  1. playing this game on switch which absolutely sucks.
    My 1st game was almost complete & it glitches out so I started a new one on a different profile. This constantly annoying game demands that I link my Nintendo account to connect to the cloud. However, when I try to do this it tells me to create a NEW NINTENDO ACCOUNT because the game is already linked (on previous game).
    so basically you are restricted to one game only that can play on cloud.
    my 3 kids are thrilled about this!
    Another reason why Dreamlight valley SUCKS!


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