Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Claim Founder’s Pack for Free

Disney Dreamlight Valley was released only a few days ago in Early Access and it has already reached Steam’s top-sellers charts.

Depending on which version you got of the game, you will also receive a bonus Founder’s Pack with some sweet rewards.

In this guide, I’ll go through how to claim the founder’s pack for free in Disney Dreamlight Valley and showcase its contents. In addition, I’ll explain until when the founder’s pack will be available for claim.

How to Claim Founder’s Pack in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Accessing the mailbox in front of the player’s house in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Claiming your founder’s pack is an easy task that can be done within the first few minutes of playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Specifically, during the tutorial, you’ll be introduced to Merlin.

While he explains the game’s core mechanics to you, he will also award you with a house to stay in and call your own. While the house will be a mess for the time being, it will come with a mailbox.

The mailbox is located right outside. To claim your founder’s pack, all you need to do is interact with the mailbox and select ‘Claim Rewards’. After that, the founder’s pack items will be in your inventory.

Also, if you’re trying to claim your founder’s pack via cloud save and are facing issues, consider checking my guide on how to fix the no code and no verification email issues.

How Long Will Founder’s Pack Be Available?

While there’s no official end date yet for the founder’s pack, there are some estimates. Specifically, it is expected to end when Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves early access.

As for when Disney Dreamlight Valley is leaving early access, the answer is “sometime within 2023”.

As mentioned in the game’s official FAQ, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be in early access for at least 6 months, until some point in 2023.

All Founder’s Packs

Based on which version of the game you bought, you have one of the three founder’s packs:

  1. Standard Edition
  2. Deluxe Edition
  3. Ultimate Edition

Each edition comes with its own founder’s pack. As long as you’ve got access to the game, you’re entitled to receive one founder’s pack.

Founder’s Pack Contents

Standard Founder’s Pack contents in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

As mentioned, each of the three founder’s packs has different contents. Let us examine them in turn.

Standard Founder’s Pack Contents

  • Early access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • 8,000 Moonstones (premium in-game currency)
  • Two wearable items, nine decor items
  • Three design motifs

Deluxe Founder’s Pack Contents

  • Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • All the exclusive cosmetic items from the Standard Founder’s Pack
  • 9 decorative items, 3 motifs & 2 wearable items
  • 14,500 Moonstones* (in-game currency)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Celestial Sea Turtle animal companion
  • Exclusive Deluxe Clothing Set (5 wearable items)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Ears Headband & Jersey (2 wearable items)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Furniture Set (8 decoration items)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Wall & Floor Coverings (2 decoration items)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Design Motifs (3 motifs to use in the Touch of Magic tool***)

Ultimate Founder’s Pack Contents

  • Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • All the exclusive cosmetic items from the Standard and Deluxe Founder’s Packs
  • 20,000 Moonstones (in-game currency)
  • Exclusive Ultimate Regal Fox animal companion
  • Exclusive Ultimate Clothing Set (2 wearable items)
  • Exclusive Ultimate Ears Headband and Jersey (2 wearable items)
  • Exclusive Ultimate Furniture Set (13 decoration items)
  • Exclusive Ultimate Wall & Floor Coverings (2 decoration items & 2 color variants)
  • Exclusive Ultimate Design Motifs (3 motifs to use in the Touch of Magic tool)


To sum up, players can claim their founder’s pack in Disney Dreamlight Valley through the mailbox in front of their house.

Founder’s packs offer some great benefits in terms of in-game currency and cosmetics. The founder’s pack that each player gets depends on the version of the game they bought.

What do you think about Disney Dreamlight Valley? Which edition and founder’s pack did you go for? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I bought DDlV and paid for 2 founders packs the main issues I have is they won’t give me the second ultimate founders pack in my second name with their CS agents recommended I open bc my gave hasn’t been playable since 2 days after the game started they told me it can’t be fixed but refuse to give my ultimate founds pack to my other name even though I paid twice for the games and it’s all the same switch system.

    They keep closing my ticket tell me to ask Nintendo for a refund and the game can’t be fixed it crashes and stopped working while playing a dark cure or what ever it’s called with mother hotel I can’t mine fish far nothing nothing spawns anywhere no wood flowers nothing


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