PlateUp: What Is the Most Profitable Food? [Answered]

Are you and your friends struggling to turn your beloved restaurant into a franchise in PlateUp? Are you failing to keep it open for 15 days?

Well, maybe you’re not choosing your food right! But, do you know what the most profitable food in PlateUp is? Do you know which food will bring you the most revenue and help you run your restaurant smoothly?

In this article today, I’ll share with you the food recipe that you should go for in PlateUp to ace the game and finally turn your five-star project into a franchise, like it deserves!

What is the most profitable food in PlateUp?

There are ten different food recipes available in PlateUp. Some of them, such as the Stir Fry, need to be unlocked before you can integrate them into your restaurant.

Each food recipe has its pros and cons.

Nevertheless, I’ve considered a number of aspects such as the revenue per item, the complexity of making the food, the mess created in cooking the food, and most importantly, the profit brought in by each item to determine the best food in PlateUp.

PlateUp Pizza

And, I gladly crown the Pizza as the most profitable food in PlateUp.

Most people definitely aren’t a fan of the tad bit of work that’s needed before starting to make Pizza. The bare minimum is required, which amounts to nothing when you’re in a flow.

Cooking pizza creates no mess at all and can be quickly delivered to the customers, preventing customer dissatisfaction.

In addition to that, one pizza can cover up to four customers! This is where Pizza tops every other food item and rapidly racks up the profit for your restaurant.

If you’re playing Multiplayer with your friends, cooking Pizza is an even better choice, as the little work before cooking starts can now be done more efficiently.

The price of Pizza was decreased in the last updates, from 10 coins to 5 coins, but it still tops the fish because of the consistency in the daily cooking process.

Pizza Restaurant

Burgers seem to be the cheapest in price among all the food items and they’re not difficult to cook either.

However, as you progress through the game, you’ll be implementing various cards, which will eventually increase the amount of work that needs to be done.

On the other hand, Stir Fry brings in the most revenue for each item sold. But, the major drawback is the mess created to cook the item, added with the fact that you need to have additional ingredients cooked as requested by the customer.

I think Steak is the only item that seems to be almost as good as Pizza. It’s the same price as Pizza and preparing Steak is, in fact, simpler than Pizza.

I still rate Pizza above Steak simply based on the mess that cooking Steak creates.

Cleaning up the mess is an extra chore in your restaurant and I don’t want that to pile up on my mind along with satisfying my customers!

Therefore, I think the Pizza is by far the most profitable food in PlateUp!

Wrapping Up

Pizza had created an imbalance in the game’s Meta when it was priced at 10 coins. Even now, when its price dropped down to 5, Pizza is still a very popular choice among players.

Some players like to challenge themselves by cooking complex food recipes and taking complicated cards.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to boost your restaurant through the 15 days, then cooking Pizza is definitely the way to go, at least for now!

Do you agree with me on my standpoint that Pizza is the most profitable food in PlateUp? Feel free to share your opinions and comments down below!

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