Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Money Easy & Fast

One of the most essential aspects to progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley is money, which is known as Star Coins.

If you can make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley easily and fast, it can significantly boost your completion of quests and strengthening of friendship with characters.

I’ll be sharing all the ways that I’ve learnt so far to rack up Star Coins in the game efficiently. So, let’s not hold you back anymore from the best tips and tricks you can find to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How to make Money Easy and Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You need to pursue multiple sources of income to efficiently make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just like we do in real life. I’ll walk you through each of them in this article.

Star Coins

Selling Fruits and Vegetables

The easiest way to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by selling items that you can pick up while exploring the Realms.

Mind you, this is a low-but-easy-income strategy and becoming rich just by this process will be quite difficult.

There are lots of trees, like the apple trees, where you can pick as many fruit items as you want. You can collect vegetables from specific parts of the Realms, like carrots that are found in the Peaceful Meadow.

Apple Trees

Apart from these fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs can be obtained as well. You can sell these items to Goofy and make some quick cash off of them.

Goofy will pay a small price for these items, but this is a good income source before you’ve unlocked cooking and fishing.

However, don’t sell all of the vegetables and fruits that you collect. You can keep some of it stocked in your inventory, as these can come in handy when you want to feed animals or cook a meal later on.

Farming Crops

Farming and harvesting crops can take you a long way in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Farming and Harvesting

You’ll start off by planting seeds of any fruit or vegetable. The seeds can be purchased form any of Goofy’s stalls in all the Realms. You need to make sure you’re watering them on a regular basis and that should grow your crop properly.

A huge amount of Star Coins can be earned by selling these crops. It’s a slower process than the previous method but it’s surely much more profitable.

But, we want the crops that will generate the most profits, right?

Considering the amount you’re purchasing the seeds for, the time it takes for the crops to grow, and the amount you’re selling them for, I’d strongly recommend you to invest on Canola, Asparagus, and Cucumber.

Carrots and tomatoes aren’t a bad shout either if the crops mentioned above aren’t available for you yet; but, the profit margin is smaller.

I’d also suggest you to not invest on crops like Wheat, Lettuce, and Sugarcane. These crops will yield the least profit for you.

Catching Rare Fishes

Fishing Disney Dreamlight Valley

Catching fishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t the toughest job and selling those fishes will earn you huge amounts of Star Coins.

You’ve probably already unlocked fishing by now. It’s quite simple as you only need to obtain the Fishing Rod from the Peaceful Meadow.

There are a wide variety of fishes available in the Realm. However, rare fishes are the ones to go for. Selling one of these fishes can generate five or six times the amount of Star Coins you’d get by selling a normal fish.

Fugu from Dazzle Beach, Lobster from the Glade of Trust, White Sturgeon from the Frosted Heights, and the Anglerfish from the Forgotten Lands are the most profitable fishes in the game.

These fishes also require higher energies but the price you can sell them for is well worth it!

Bubbles form on the surface of the water when there’s a fish nearby and that’s where you should be interacting with your Fishing Rod. These bubbles sparkle in Blue or Golden colors when a rare fish is nearby, so don’t miss out on those!

Mining Valuable Gems

Gems can be obtained in Disney Dreamlight Valley by mining the large, black-colored rocks that are usually found on steep surfaces.

Black Rock

Mining each and every black rock you stumble upon on your way with the pickaxe will get you Star Coins easily. The best part is that you won’t need to go through the additional task of selling these gems; just mining them will earn you money.

Based on the rarity of the gem, the Star Coins will be awarded to you. It can vary from 200 to 800 Star Coins, which, in my opinion, is amazing, considering the small amount of work that needs to be done.

Cooking Meals

The final strategy to make money easy and fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley is cooking meals. Not only is it enjoyable, but selling the meal will also bring you huge amounts of sweet sweet money!!

To unlock cooking, you’ll first need to finish Remy’s quests in the Ratatouille Realm. Here’s a tip: When the game offers you a realm to unlock for free, opt for the Ratatouille realm to start cooking quickly.

Completing Remy’s quests will enable you to purchase a wider variety of ingredients, and thus, cook 4-star and 5-star meals with ease.

You may need to purchase a few of these ingredients but the profit from selling food items like Ratatouille and Lobster Roll are off the roof! 3-star meals can also be a good option if you’re running low on expensive ingredients.

Furthermore, saving up on the fishes you caught, the crops you farmed, and the vegetables/fruits you picked will boost your cooking strategy even more.

You can upgrade your house and increase the storage space for a larger inventory, so that you have quick access to more ingredients and produce meals with higher star ratings faster.

Wrapping Up

The methods mentioned above are the most efficient ones you can follow to rack up your Star Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

I’d definitely ask you to follow at least three of these methods if you want to make money quickly. Implementing only one of them might work, but you won’t get rich as fast.

Did these methods help you make money easily and quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Do let me know in the comments if you need more help!

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