Splatoon 3: How to Upgrade Your Hero Gear

Upgrading your Hero Gear is the only way to progress further in Splatsville and complete the missions in Alterna.

In Splatoon 3, the Hero Gear can be accessed only in Hero Mode through Agent 3. Upgrading it will help you use newer abilities and attributes that in turn are required to take down the bosses as you move from one site to the other.

So, are you interested to know how to upgrade your hero’s gear? Let’s get on with it!

How to upgrade your Hero Gear in Splatoon 3?

There are more than ten different upgrades that are available to do for the best possible results. Some of them are extremely essential, while others are optional and will aid you in the missions.

Furthermore, these upgrades can only be obtained in a sequence.

As you’ll see later below, opening up one of the upgrades will let you unlock one or two more pathways. After that, you’ll continue choosing certain pathways to different upgrades. 

So, the question still remains. How do you upgrade the Hero Gear? The items known as Sardinium and Upgrade Points are your saviors!

You’ll need to collect Sardinium from the snowy land of Alterna. Sardinium is required to achieve access to the upgrades of your Hero Gear in order.


To obtain Sardinium, you’ll need to keep some patience and explore the area of Splatsville.

Cleaning up and destroying the Fuzzy Ooze may reward you with Sardinium, so get rid of all the Fuzzy Ooze that you run into. Defeating bosses in certain sites later on will also help you get some Sardinium. 

Coming to Upgrade Points, these are the actual keys to the Upgrade Skill of your Hero Gear.

Filling up area with Ink
Filling up area with Ink

The Upgrade Points can be collected by filling up all the empty spaces you see around you with ink. Once you’ve covered an entire place with ink, you’ll notice an increase in your Upgrade Points.

Breaking down Fuzzy Ooze cores can also help in increasing Upgrade Points faster. However, these are easier to find than Sardinium.

Hero Gear Upgrade Pathway

Upgrade Pathway
Upgrade Pathway

You’ll notice that when you’re about to upgrade the Hero Gear, the upgrade attributes are arranged in uneven rows and columns. It seems confusing, right?

Firstly, what you need to know is that these are the possible pathways you can take to unlock each upgrade skill. You’ll be starting from the left of the screen.

It’s required to unlock at least one of the upgrades on the left columns, before moving towards the right into the next columns.

Here’s an upgrade path which I’d strongly advise you to follow for the most efficient results:

Smallfry HP Up

At the cost of 1 Sardinium and Upgrade Points, it increases the HP, enabling you to last longer.

Better Hero Shot

I know it’s a bit unconventional but trust me on this! Move on to the next column and using up 2 Upgrade Points along with 1 Sardinium, gain access to the Better Hero Shot and destroy the Site 2 Boss without breaking a sweat!

Special Charge Up

Coming back to the first column of upgrade attributes, you should now unlock this skill at the cost of 1 Upgrade Points. The Special Charge Up will enable you to use your Special Weapon more frequently than normal.

Ink-Tank Capacity Up

Using up 3 Upgrade points but no Sardinium, you can enable the Ink-Tank Capacity Up attribute. Like the name suggests, it will help you store and carry much more ink.

Suit Recovery Up

The Suit Recovery Up upgrade will cost you 3 Sardiniums and Upgrade Points.

It’s quite expensive since it does an amazing job to help you get your suit back in its original, unaffected state as quickly as possible after being damaged by the enemies.

Smallfry Ink Saver

Costing the same as the previous upgrade, the Smallfry Ink Saver helps to save up on ink and efficiently use the ink when you’re attacking with Smallfry. 

Ink-Tank Capacity Up

A further increase in volume of the Ink Tank is extremely important before meeting up with the boss in site 6. Unlike the last upgrade, this upgrade will require you to spend 1 Sardinium and 4 Upgrade Points.

Ink Resistance Up

To deal with the “ink-wrath” of the final bosses, bettering your movement through ink itself by unlocking this skill can be a game-changer. It doesn’t cost you any Sardinium either and can be obtained just by spending 4 Upgrade Points.

The Final Boss
The Final Boss

Better Hero Shot

Lastly, the final upgrade of Better Hero Shot will help to take down any bosses that even dare to come in front of you! Using 4 Sardiniums and 8 Upgrade Points, this attribute increases the firing rate, thus inflicting more damage.

The Hero Gear Upgrades mentioned here can help you save up on Sardinium but still come out on top against the bosses.

Since the Upgrade Points are easier to obtain, I have given more importance to using up lesser Sardinium for the upgrades.

Wrapping Up

It’s impossible to finish the missions in Splatsville without upgrading your Hero Gear.

You’ll require the attributes provided by the gear to defeat the bosses and get back the gear that you lost. It’s also a big step towards the process of finding the Professor in Alterna.

Has this article helped you in defeating the bosses? What do you think of the Hero Gear Upgrade sequence I suggested? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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