Soulstone Survivors: Best Runes

Runes are a mechanic in the game, that helps you with various passive effects or active buffs.

These unique effects can synergize with specific builds, playstyles, or characters. In this guide, I will show you the best Runes to use in Soulstone Survivors.

Here are the most important things about Runes, you need to know before deciding what to use, and how to build your characters.

First of all, you will need minor soulstones to unlock the ability to use Runes. These soulstones can be obtained by defeating enemies. Runes come in four rarities, those being Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

You can only have a maximum of five Rune slots equipped at any current time.

Runic Power is the total cost of the Runes you can have equipped at any current point. The higher the grade of the Rune, the higher the cost needed to equip it.


Through the passive skill tree, you can gain 5 Runic Power, and then through the Achievements another 5 Runic Power. In the early access, you can have a total of 10 Runic Power to utilize for your builds.

As an example, if you have 5 Runic Power to use. You can equip five Runes at the cost of 1 Runic Power reaching the capacity, and filling all the available slots. Or you can use a single Rune at the cost of 5 Runic Power, using only one of the five slots available.

Now that you understand the basics of Runes, let’s go over the best Runes in Soulstone Survivors.

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Reroll Mastery

Reroll Mastery is unlocked by eliminating 500 Lords of the Void.

This Rune gives you one extra reroll every 5 levels. It is by far the best Rune to use and gives you more chances to get that specific build you want to create.


Generalist is unlocked by eliminating 400 Lords of the Void.

All your Active skills have 5% bonus damage. Extra damage can be the deciding factor between winning or losing a run.


Surefooted is unlocked by reaching experience level 90 in a single match.

All damage received by your character is reduced by 15%. Your resistance to pushbacks is increased.


Executioner is unlocked by winning a match with all curses up to and including tier IV enabled on The Dungeon of Despair.

All negative status effects that you afflict on enemies have 5% bonus damage. In damage over time builds it can do that extra damage that kills tougher enemies.

Weapon Expert

Weapon Expert is unlocked by reaching experience level 100 in a single match.

Unlocks a special skill for your selected weapon. Some weapons have powerful special skills that are worth the Runic Power and the Active Skill slot.

Dash Master

Dash Master is unlocked by winning a match with all curses up to and including tier II on The Frozen Wastelands.

Increases your dash speed by 50%, resulting in a longer distance traveled. Since mobility is a great asset a Rune like this helps you reposition even better and allows you to escape from a tight spot.

Swing Mastery

Swing Mastery or the Rare rarity of the Swing Rune trio is unlocked by completing a match in less than 12 minutes with the Spellblade.

Adds up to 6 random Active skills of type Swing that your character would not have access to otherwise to the skill pool, if possible. This almost guarantees Scent of Blood on non-Barbarian characters that get Swing Active skills (specifically the Paladin).


In conclusion, these have been the best Runes to use in Soulstone Survivors. They will be a great asset no matter the build you are going for and help you get faster both to endgame content and any build you want to try out for yourself.

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Let us know in the comments down below, what Runes you like to use, and what unique Rune combination you have found while playing the game.


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