Palia Complete Fishing Guide

One of the main activities in Palia is catching fish and this complete fishing guide will include everything you need to know about it.

Fishing is a great way to make money, get ingredients for meals, and spend time while waiting for materials to craft. To fish, progress Einar’s questline and cast your rod in any source of water.

In this Palia fishing guide, I will explain how to fish in the game and provide some of the best fishing tips to help you catch some of the rarest fish.

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Palia Fishing Guide – How to Fish

Palia fishing guide - how to fish.

To unlock fishing in Palia, find Einar in the Fishing Village and talk to him. As a reward, you’ll unlock fishing and get your Makeshift fishing rod.

To catch a fish, navigate to any place with deep water (lake, sea), and cast your fishing rod. You don’t have to aim for fishing hotspots but doing so will guarantee higher quality fish.

Then, wait as the fish bites your rod three/four times. Afterward, you’ll hear a sound as the fish starts pulling. Hold LMB, and move your mouse left and right to follow the fish. Keep the fish within the green markers while holding LMB and you’ll catch it.

If it leaves the marked area, stop holding LMB and re-adjust your mouse to get it in the area again. Then hold LMB again.

Overall, the process becomes harder as you progress in the game since some fish will be larger and thus will move around faster when trying to catch them. However, a bigger fish that’s harder to catch will sell for a higher price or make better recipes.

Thus, leveling up fishing, upgrading your fishing rod, and buying higher-quality bait is important if you want to make a lot of money from fishing.

Best Fishing Tips

Palia fishing guide - how to reel in the fish.

To make fishing more efficient, let’s go through some of the best fishing tips in Palia.

  • Fish in hotspots – While you can fish anywhere, aiming for hotspots will guarantee higher-quality fish.
  • Use bait whenever you can – Bait (worm, glowworm) allows you to catch higher rarity fish, so use it as soon as you can unlock it.
  • Don’t sell all fish – Many villagers require them as gifts, or they can be used to make great dishes.
  • Upgrade your fishing rod – Upgrading your main fishing tool will be helpful in catching bigger fish as it won’t allow them to move around as much while also reeling them in faster.
  • Fish in different spots and during different hours – Some fish only appear at night, while others prefer salt water. Make sure to fish everywhere and at different times to catch every fish.

With these fishing tips, you’ll be able to catch any type of fish without trouble. While I recommend saving one or two of each fish for gifts and recipes, selling the rest is a great way to make money.

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Wrapping up

To sum up this Palia fishing guide, players can unlock fishing by talking with Einar.

Then, they can fish by casting their rod in any deep water source and waiting until a fish bites. Aiming for hotspots and using bait is a great way to catch rare and high-quality fish.

What’s your favorite fishing spot in the game? Do you have any other fishing tips to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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