Palia Romance Options: Full Guide

If you’re looking to increase your relationship level with NPCs and learn more about their backstories, this Palia romance options guide will go through everything you need to know.

To romance NPCs, players should increase their friendship to level 3 and then gift the NPC they want to romance a Box of Chocolates.

In this Palia romance guide, I will list all romanceable characters in Palia and explain how romance works in the game.

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Palia Romance Options – All Romanceable Characters

Palia romance guide - all romanceable characters.

There are nine romanceable characters in the game and players are free to pursue any character they want from the list. Here are all the romanceable characters in Palia:

  • Einar – Einar is an ancient being and a robot-like character that enjoys fishing.
  • Hassian – Distant and mysterious, he is a hunter who always has Tau, his loyal dog, by his side.
  • Jel – Jel is the town’s tailor and a big fan of fashion and design,
  • Jina – Always eager to learn and explore, Jina is usually found excavating around the ruins.
  • Kenyatta – Young, elegant, and playful, Kenyatta is the mayor’s daughter and enjoys spending time in the stables.
  • Nai’o – Focused on his work, Nai’o is Auni’s older brother.
  • Reth – Always happy to chat, Reth is the town’s cook.
  • Tamala – Mysterious and enigmatic, Tamala lives in Bahari Bay and focuses on brewing potions.
  • Tish – Sweet and outgoing, Tish loves decorating houses with colorful furnishings.

There’s a wide variety of characters and each of them is unique in its own way. But how do you romance them?

How Romance Works in Palia

Palia romance guide - how romance works.

To romance a character in Palia, players will need to level up their friendship to level three and then give them a Box of Chocolates.

To level up friendships early on, interact with the characters daily, give them gifts, and complete any quests they have.

Afterward, you’ll be able to buy a Box of Chocolates for 200 Gold from Zeki’s General Store and give it to them as a gift. This will begin their romance route, which starts from level one.

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The main benefit of romancing a character is that you learn more about them and their backstory. Other than that, you can expect some minor rewards such as Renown.

Wrapping up

To sum up this Palia romance guide, players can romance any of the nine mentioned characters in the game.

This is achieved by increasing their relationship to level three and then gifting them a Box of Chocolates from Zeki’s General Store.

Which character are you romancing first? Would you prefer if there were better rewards for romancing characters? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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