Palia Half Boiled Quest Walkthrough: ALL Locations for Pages

Are you trying to unlock the Palian Onion Soup cooking recipe? Here are all the page locations in the Half Boiled quest in Palia.

For this quest, players will need to navigate to the Fisherman’s Lagoon and find the two pages. Then, they’ll be able to cook the Palian Onion Soup after collecting the necessary ingredients.

In this Half-Boiled quest walkthrough in Palia, I will explain how to find all pages to complete the quest and how to cook the Palian Onion Soup.

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How to Complete the Half-Boiled Quest in Palia

Palia Half-Boiled quest walkthrough - all page locations.

To start and complete the Half-Boiled quest in Palia, players will need to visit the Fisherman’s Lagoon at any point in the game and find two pages.

The first page is located on the steps towards the fishing stall and the fishing docs. The second page is just nearby, near a group of barrels next to the fishing stall. Getting one page will start the quest while getting the second page will complete it.

After obtaining both pages, players will unlock the recipe for the Palian Onion Soup, which is an amazing dish if you want to restore your Focus. But how do you make it?

How to Cook Palian Onion Soup

Palia Half-Boiled quest walkthrough - all page locations - Palian Onion Soup recipe.

To cook the Palian Onion Soup, players will need to reach Cooking skill level 2, unlock the Prep Station and Stove, and collect the necessary ingredients.

The easiest way to level up cooking is by making mushroom and meat dishes at a campfire. Just make sure your Focus bar isn’t empty so that you’ll gain skill experience.

To unlock the Prep Station and the Stove, progress Reth’s questline and interact with him at the Ormuu’s Horn Inn. After completing his first quest, you’ll receive an email and be able to access his supply. In his second quest, he’ll give you for free the Prep Station and the Stove.

Lastly, to make the Palian Onion Soup, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Onion
  • 1x Flour
  • 1x Wild Garlic

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Start with the Onion and the Flour and then add the Wild Garlic. Let it cook for one minute and your reward will be 3x Palian Onion Soups. Each of these soups will restore 100 Focus, which makes it an amazing dish early on.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Hard Boiled quest walkthrough guide, players can find all the pages next to the fishing stall in the Fisherman’s Lagoon area.

Then, they can cook the Palian Onion Soup by combining Onion, Flour, and Wild Garlic on a Stove and Prep Station.

What’s your favorite cooking recipe in the game? Do you think the Palian Onion Soup is worth making? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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