Palia Farming Guide & Best Crop Layout

Have you heard players talking about companion planting and optimal crop layouts which has left you confused? This Palia farming guide will help you maximize the efficiency of your farm.

Each crop in Palia will grant bonuses to any different adjacent crop and then bonuses vary between crops.

In this Palia farming guide, I will explain how to make the best and most efficient crop layout in Palia to make sure you’re constantly producing quality crops.

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Palia Farming Guide – Companion Planting Explained

Palia farming guide - best crop layout.

Each crop in Palia awards bonuses to all of its adjacent crops, as long as they’re a different type of crop. Specifically, here are all the crop bonuses available:

  • Tomato – Water Retention
  • Potato – Water Retention
  • Carrot – Weed Prevention
  • Onion – Weed Prevention
  • Rice – Harvest Boost
  • Wheat – Harvest Boost
  • Cotton – Quality Boost
  • Blueberry – Faster Growth
  • Appletree – Faster Growth

For instance, if you plant a Tomato next to a Potato, a Carrot, a Rice Seed, and a Cotton Seed, the Tomato will have all the boosts in the game. Of course, this is a late-game setup that’s going to require creating a large plot of farmland as well as buying many seeds.

However, if you plant a Tomato only next to other Tomatoes, it will have no bonuses at all. Thus, it’s important to mix your crops and avoid having two of the same crops next to each other.

Best Crop Layout in Palia

Palia farming guide - best crop layout.

The best crop to farm in Palia is Tomato as it will produce multiple Tomatoes per harvest and will regrow. While there are various ways to mix your crops to make an efficient farming system, here’s the best crop layout in Palia that utilizes as many crop bonuses as possible.


With this layout, every crop will have Water Retention and Harvest Boost. You can also use the QualityUp fertilizer or the Weed fertilizer to increase the total number of boosts to three.

Of course, as you progress in the game you’ll expand this further and add even more crops together. However, the same principles apply to make sure all your crops receive boosts.

Feel free to experiment with your ideal layouts and send them in the comments below!

Also, keep in mind that it’s not worth buying Boost fertilizer from Badruu as you can make it on your own through the Glowworm farm.

Wrapping up

To sum up this Palia farming guide, players can create the best farming layout in the game by planting different crops with unique bonuses next to each other.

This way, each crop will receive two bonuses for free (three if you add fertilizer) and you’ll have the most efficient farm possible.

What do you think about how farming works in Palia? What’s your ideal crop layout? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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