How to Cut Pink Trees in Palia

While exploring the open world, you’ll notice a few pink-colored trees that are glowing. Here’s how to cut pink trees in Palia.

The only way to cut these trees is by collaborating with other players as their HP will otherwise regenerate constantly before you can cut them down. Also, depending on the tree type, you may need to upgrade your axe.

In this guide, I will explain how to cut pink trees in Palia and help you get Flow-Infused Wood.

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How to Cut Pink Trees and Get Flow-Infused Wood in Palia

How to cut pink trees in Palia.
Cutting a small pink tree in Palia.

To cut pink trees in Palia, players will need to work with other players and chop the same tree at the same time. This way, you’ll cut the tree faster than it can regenerate.

If you try to cut it alone, the tree will heal to full HP before you can do anything. Thus, this can only be done with other players.

Also, depending on the type of tree you’re trying to cut, you may need to upgrade your axe. Small trees can be cut with the Makeshift Axe and with one more player.

As a reward for chopping down these trees, players will get Flow-Infused Wood, which is a key material for many recipes later in the game. Thus, while you won’t need it immediately, it’s useful to have for later.

However, larger trees will require upgrading to the Standard Axe first while also having another player help you cut it down. But how do you upgrade the Makeshift Axe and get the Standard Axe?

How to Upgrade Axe

How to cut pink trees in Palia.
Cutting a big pink tree in Palia that requires the Standard Axe.

To upgrade the Makeshift Axe in Palia, progress with the quests, and meet Ashura. Once you level up your Foraging skill to level three, you’ll receive a mail from Ashura saying that he has new recipes available.

Then, you’ll need to visit him and you can buy the Standard Axe recipe at the cost of 250 gold. You can craft the Standard Axe in your crafting bench with the following materials:

  • 20x Sapwood Planks
  • 5x Copper Bars

And that’s all. With the Standard Axe, you’ll be able to cut most trees in Palia and ramp up your wood production. To upgrade the axe further to the Fine Axe, you’ll need to level up your foraging skill even more and have 1,500 Gold to buy the recipe.

Keep in mind that after upgrading your tool to the Standard tier, it will start having durability and you’ll need to keep it repaired.

Wrapping up

To summarize, players can cut pink trees in Palia by chopping them down with at least one more playing at the same time. Additionally, some of the bigger trees will require all players to have the Standard Axe.

As a reward for cutting these trees, you’ll get Flow-Infused Wood, which is used in various mid and late-game recipes.

How much Flow-Infused Wood have you stockpiled? Have you found many pink trees? Let us know in the comments below.

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