Palia: Best Ways to Make Money in the Game

Are you looking to make some quick cash to purchase upgrades and new items? Here are the best ways to make money in Palia.

Overall, there are many money-making methods in the game, but the ones that stand out are foraging, hunting, and farming.

In this guide, I will showcase the best ways to make money in Palia to help you buy everything you need.

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Best Ways to Make Money in Palia

The best ways to make money in Palia are foraging, hunting, and farming.

Making money in Palia is essential, especially during the early game where you need to buy so many items. You’ll need to upgrade your tools, purchase crops, and buy various items that progress the main questline such as the backpack upgrade.

Overall, money is the most important thing to farm if you want to progress quickly and you can never have enough. There’s always something that you want or need to buy, even if you’re only following the main quests.

Let’s examine each method in turn and explain what makes them so efficient.

1. Foraging

How to make money in Palia - making money via foraging.

Foraging is the easiest money-making method in Palia as all it requires is simply running around and picking up plants. There are various plants all around the map ranging from Sundrop Lillies and Spice Sprouts in the grassy fields to Shells and Oysters near the coast.

Also, forageables respawn every one in-game day, which is equivalent to one real-life hour.

While forageables are needed in various crafting recipes, it’s easy to get a lot of them quickly as you’re running around the map. You’ll have a lot to spare and selling them will yield some quick money.

2. Hunting

How to make money in Palia - making money via hunting.

Hunting is one of the most profitable skills in the early game. Hunt Sernuk, which can be found all around the map. Killing them will drop leather, meat, and occasionally antlers.

While leather and meat can be used in various recipes, antlers should be sold instantly and fetch a great price, especially if they are of a higher rarity. The best location to hunt Sernuk in Palia is on the east side of the map, near Whispering Banks.

Keep in mind that if you’re using the Makeshift Bow and Stone Arrows, you’ll need two shots to kill Sernuks.

The best thing you can do here is to purchase the Bronze Arrows recipe from Hussian which will allow you to take down Sernuks in one shot and farm their materials much faster.

3. Farming

How to make money in Palia - making money via farming.

Lastly, the most profitable but also most time-consuming method to make money in Palia is farming. Specifically, the best crop to farm is Tomatoes, as each plant will produce multiple Tomatoes per harvest.

Just make sure to understand how companion planting works. To utilize this system efficiently, plant each Tomato next to a Potato, a Wheat Seed, and a Rice Seed. For more details, check out our Palia farming guide on the best crop layout.

After that, keep harvesting and replanting and you’ll have a steady source of income.

Other methods like fishing and cooking can become profitable, but only after you level them up enough. Thus, they’re recommended for later stages of the game.

Wrapping up

To summarize, these are the best ways to make money in Palia during the early game.

Focus on harvesting every forageable you can find, hunting Sernuk whenever you see them, and setting up an efficient farming layout.

What’s your favorite money-making method in the game? Which item are you trying to buy first? Let us know in the comments below.

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