Disney Dreamlight Valley: With Great Power Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with interesting quests that just get you hooked to the game! Featuring the cartoon characters that we grew up with, these missions bring extra excitement, just like the With Great Power quest.

This quest comes with multiple steps and lengthy tasks that you need to complete to perfection.

While these may be confusing, I’m sure if you work with the methods that I mention in this well-informed “With Great Power” quest guide, you can complete all the tasks flawlessly and enjoy the game!

How to complete With Great Power Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Once you’ve unlocked the Dazzle Beach, only then Merlin will hand the “With Great Power” quest to you.

Cursed Cave

This quest involves you visiting the small cave, situated between the rocks of the cliffs found near the ocean in Dazzle Beach.

Situated in the northeast part of Dazzle Beach, you’ll notice the cave entrance has water falling over it. Approach the waterfall and interacting with it will allow you to enter the cave.

You’ll need to talk to Ursula to start off the actual puzzles of this quest. Ursula can be found in the small pond inside the cave, which is also known as the Cursed Cave.

Conversation with Ursula

Ursula will make conversation with you, and tell you the sad story, that is her life, and how she got trapped in the cave unjustly.

She’ll offer you information on the “Forgetting” in return for getting her out of this cave.

Now, this definitely sounds like the biggest trap of all time, but unfortunately, there’s no other way to progress in this quest.

You’ll need to start by using the Crystal Key and unlock the pathway to another cave in Dazzle Beach. The Key can be found in the Treasure Box near the pond.

When you’re out of the Cursed Cave, start moving to your right towards the greener areas of the beach. You’ll notice small bushes and large, black rocks that look like broken statues and pillars.

New Cave With Power Quest

Locating the entrance to the cave shouldn’t be a trouble for you as it’s just against the cliff. You need to place the Crystal Key on the small pillar in front of the cave, which will open the cave right away!

New Cave Opening

As you explore the new cave, you’ll be tasked with various missions to unlock the blocked pathways inside the cave. Each mission will require you to complete a certain task accurately. Let’s take a look at all of them, one by one.

The Gems Mission

Gems Mission

The first hurdle will ask you to provide the “gem that matches best”. It sounds too vague, doesn’t it?

If you notice carefully, the statues around that hurdle look like they want something from you, right? You’ll need to give each of them a specific kind of gem or mineral, based on their colors.

The Blue Statue will only be happy with the Aquamarine, which makes sense since it’s a blue mineral.

Giving the green mineral, Peridot, to the statue with the Green shade should do the job for you.


Moreover, the Red statue requires the Garnet mineral, which is, obviously, red in color.

You may not have all these minerals in your inventory. Unfortunately, that means your mission just got lengthier! You need to opt out of the cave in search for these specific items and come back when you have all three of them.

These minerals can be obtained by mining the rocks around the cliffs in different biomes.

The Peridot and Aquamarine can be found in the Dazzle Beach rocks. However, if you don’t already have Garnet, you’ll need to visit the Peaceful Meadows or the Plaza to collect it.

You may find Peridot in the Peaceful Meadows as well. Moreover, Aquamarine is available in the rocks of the Forest of Valor.

The blocked pathway will automatically be removed once you place the correct items on the hands of the statues.

The Crops Mission

The Crops Mission

As you move forward, the next obstacle you’ll come across asks you to find the perfect crops. Unlike the previous mission, the game gives you a hint on what kind of crops you’re required to grow.

You’ll need to collect the seeds of the particular crops.

Coming to the hints, one of them states the crop is red and round. I can tell you, without any confusion, that they’re referring to tomatoes.

Another hint states that the crop is gold and brown. Off the top of my head, I’m guessing they’re asking for wheat.

The other one’s that left is a crop that grows under the ground. I’ve assumed it to be Carrots and it has worked so far.

Goofy's Stall
Goofy’s Stall

To acquire the Tomato, Wheat, and Carrot seeds, you’ll need to visit Goofy’s stalls to purchase them in the Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach. One seed of each item should do.

If you already have them in your inventory, that’s even better, as you can directly start working on the mission!

You’ll notice statues around this obstacle as well. When you’ve collected the seeds, dig a hole in front of each of the statues and plant a seed. Do the same for the three statues.

Once you’ve planted them, using your Watering Can to water all the crops. You need to wait a while for these crops to grow. After that, the blockage will be removed on its own and you can move further into the cave.

Make sure you pick up the crops that you’ve grown before you leave!

The Cooking Mission

Cooking Mission

The final gate of this quest asks you to consume a meal made using the crops that you’ve grown in the previous task.

Since you’ve grown three items, you’ll need to make a 3-star meal.

The easiest meal to cook using these items would be the Veggie Pasta. You can definitely opt for other 4-star or 5-star meals; but make sure, the meals include Wheat, Tomato, and Carrot.

There’s a cooking station right beside the portal. Interact with the cooking station and put one of Tomato, Wheat, and Carrot into the stove.

The Veggie Pasta will be added to your inventory once it’s cooked. Access your inventory to eat the Veggie Pasta and remove the final pillar blocking your path.

The Orb of Power

Fishing for Orb of Power
Fishing for Orb of Power

The last task of the game will be towards the end of the cave. You’ll come across a small pond, from which you’ll need to fish the Orb of Power. The process is exactly the same as normal fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Aim your Fishing Rod towards the Golden circle in the pond. Once you feel a tug, spam the “Pull” button to successfully catch the Orb of Power.

Pillar Outside the Cave
Pillar Outside the Cave

Carrying the Orb of Power in your inventory, move out of the cave and try to find the pillar that has magical fumes going around it.

It should be right outside the cave. Put the Orb of Power into that Pillar to remove the water falling over the entrance of the Cursed Cave, and thus, freeing Ursula.

Finally, you’ll need to let Merlin know that Ursula has been freed to complete the “With Great Power” quest successfully!!

Wrapping Up

Apart from the fact that you might need to constantly go out of the cave to collect necessary items, I’ve found the “With Great Power” quest quite enjoyable.

While I definitely didn’t like the part where Ursula needs to be freed, she does keep her end of the bargain and give important information regarding the Forgetting.

Did you enjoy the “With Great Power” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below!

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