Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Tomato Seeds

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game where you will be literally creating the Disney world of your dreams. You will be building and planting items and from scratch, you’ll make something.

Stay tuned to find out how to get Tomato seeds.

Having a reliable food source for energy is something that you’ll want in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will be getting energy and on top of all that a possible coin income.

Tomatoes are extremely good for both. That is why in this guide we will be talking about Tomato seeds and how you are able to get them. Let’s get started.

How to Get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this game, you can get Tomato Seeds by upgrading Goofy’s shop in Dazzle Beach to level 2, at which point he will sell them to you for around 38 gold. 

If you want to upgrade something you will need some gold. In order to get gold in Disney Dreamlight Valley, I recommend going mining.

Mining is an easy way to get a lot of resources and gems. You can mine for gold for a few hours and get thousands of gold. 

You can also speed up the process by putting a companion in charge of your mining.

Once you’ve put a friend in charge of your mining, level them up quickly to level 10. 

This will let them double or even triple the number of gems you get, and making money in Disney Dreamlight Valley is easy and quick.

Where to find Tomato Seeds’ Stall?

You will need to get to Goofy’s shop which is located in Dazzle Beach.

In his shop you are able to find:

  • Tomato Seeds – 8 Coins
  • Corn – 24 Coins
  • Corn Seeds – 15 Coins
  • Sugarcane – 29 Coins
  • Sugarcane Seeds – 5 Coins

Where to Plant Tomato Seeds?

Tomato Seeds work just as any other seed in the game. It has its own location and place where it can be planted and where it can grow much faster.

The Tomato Seed can be literally planted anywhere. Just place it inside your Nursery or Garden and water it eventually. In a couple of hours, you’ll get a fully grown red Tomato.

How to Grow Tomato Seeds into Tomatoes?

The Tomato Seeds grow in real-time.

If crops are “dusty,” or brown and dry, they won’t grow. You have to water them. Watering doesn’t always register correctly, so check your Map for any red crop icons to see if anything needs watering. 

If you just watered your crops and they dry out quickly, start the game over and water them again.

It takes energy to plant and water crops, but no energy is used to gather them.

All Farming and Gardening activities, like planting, watering, and harvesting, will give your friends more XP.

Sometimes, friends with the Farming role will throw out extra crops. 

Companions with the Foraging role will sometimes throw out extra berries from bushes, extra fruit from trees, and extra spices that you forage.

Crops don’t face any dangers other than the need to be watered. Once you plant a crop, you can’t take it away. 

You have to water and harvest it to clear the square. Take care of your tomato plant!


That is it! That is everything you might need to know about Tomato seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

They are a delicacy when used in cooking recipes, as they are in real life, and they are extremely useful for giving as gifts to certain companions.

I hope that this guide has provided you with some useful knowledge about the Tomato and Tomato Seeds, and be sure to water them while they’re growing. Happy gardening!

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