Blox Fruits 17.3: How to Get Race Awakening V4

The Race Awakening V4 is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in Blox Fruits. I’d go as far as to say, this is way harder than getting the Cursed Duel Katana!

So, how do you get the Race Awakening V4 in Blox Fruits 17.3 update? Well, unfortunately, nobody in the community has figured it out yet!

However, there are various theories and leads that the community has deciphered after hours of extensive research and trials.

How to Get Race Awakening V4 in Blox Fruits 17.3?

The Blox Fruits community is going crazy and trying out various methods in order to get the Race Awakening V4.

Lots of these methods were proven to not work and unfortunately, almost all the YouTube videos claiming to have gotten the Race Awakening V4 are just trolling.

Let’s firstly take a look at how you can awaken your race based on the information and steps that have been confirmed so far.

How to Awaken your Race in Blox Fruits?

Remember the Castle on the Sea that was added to the game in update 15 of Blox Fruits?

Castle on the Sea
Castle on the Sea (Blox Fruits Wiki)

That’s where you need to go first and search for a specific stone tablet. The tablet you’re looking for is the one where the popular NPC, Mygame43, can be found.

After you’ve interacted with the tablet, make your way towards the top of the Great Tree. One of the MISC NPCs are available on top of the tree and interacting with it will directly transport you to the Temple of Time.

Temple of Time
Temple of Time(Blox Fruits Wiki)

You’ll need to talk to yet another NPC in the Temple of Time, and then head back towards the stone tablet in the Castle of the Sea.

That’s where Mygame43 asks you to get the ability of your race so that you can acquire enough strength.

The requirements to get enough strength, and eventually the Race Awakening V4 is still a topic of debate and confusion among Blox Fruits enthusiasts.  

However, there have been a lot of trials and errors based on the theories and we have a basic idea of which items are definitely NOT going to work for you.

The Dough Awakening, the Buddha Awakening, the summoning of the NPC rip_indra were all proposed hypotheses that have proven to be futile.

Moreover, unlocking all the races of V3 or interacting with a V3 NPC isn’t a part of the process of getting the race awakening V4 either.

Since there are no proven theories yet, as to how you can get race awakening V4, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinion on how I think you can achieve the awakening of the race.

How to get Race Awakening V4 in Blox Fruits?

It goes without saying that, the V3 race must be unlocked in order for you to even have a shot at getting V4.

Firstly, you’ll require the maximum level of Godhuman, at 600 mastery and 25 Shards, as well as preferably 6 Mirror Fractals and 25 Dark Fragments.

Go to the Castle on the Sea to talk to King Red Head. King Red Head, similar to Mygame43, is stuck on stone wall of the castle.

King Red Head
King Red Head(Blox Fruits Wiki)

After that, keep your patience till the Full Moon has arrived and make your way towards the Great Tree.

Travel to the top of the tree and talk to one of the invisible MISC NPCs. That’s when you should be transported to the Temple of Time.

Once you get there, look for the lever that is usually situated around the arc of the entrance in any of the corridors of the Temple of Time. Flick the lever to get your Race Awakening V4.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t blindly trust any of the theories that have been proposed, until they’re proven to work a 100% of the time – the same goes for the theory I proposed above.

However, do look out for the ones that are already disproven, as that will save you enough time and let you try out your own thoughts and methods.

Wrapping Up

The Roblox games, from Doors and Rainbow Friends to Blox Fruits and Era of Althea, are gaining popularity every single day because of how engaging and exciting these games are turning out to be!

It can be frustrating at times, trying to figure out how get race awakening, but that doesn’t take away the excitement of trying to solve the requirements problem and testing them to finally solve this mystery.

I’d love to know your insights on this and definitely comment below if you’ve solved it and it works a 100% for you!

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