Disney Dreamlight Valley – All Gems & Where to Find Them

Gems are key items in Disney Dreamlight Valley essential for progressing certain quests. Also, they are a great way to make money.

However, sometimes it can be tricky to locate the exact gem you’re looking for. Some gems can only be found in specific biomes, while others are simply rare.

In this guide, I’ll go through all the gems available in Disney Dreamlight Valley and explain where to find them. In addition, I’ll provide some tips to make your gem-mining expeditions more efficient.

How to Get Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Getting gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is mine any of the dark-colored rocks located around the edges of each map.

Some will have gems sticking out, which means you’re guaranteed to get a gem. Others, even if they don’t have gems sticking out, can still drop gems when mined.

Thus, check which biome you need for the gems you’re looking for and mine all the dark rocks there.

All Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stone with a guaranteed gem drop in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There’s a wide variety of gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley and many of them are exclusive to specific biomes. Here is where to find all gems in the game, as well as their sell prices:

  • Amethyst – Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights (500 coins)
  • Aquamarine – Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor (250 coins)
  • Citrine – Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust (380 coins)
  • Diamond – Forgotten Lands (600 coins)
  • Emerald – Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust (325 coins)
  • Garnet – Peaceful Meadow, Plaza (160 coins)
  • Peridot – Dazzle Beach, Peaceful Meadow (200 coins)
  • Topaz – Plaza (240 coins)
  • Tourmaline – Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau (420 coins)

To find a specific gem, travel to its biome and start mining. Sooner or later, you’ll get it.

Shiny Gems and Where to Find Them

Break any stone for a chance to drop a gem or its shiny variant.

Each gem has a shiny variant. There are two differences between the base gem and its shiny variant: sell price and quest requirements.

The selling price of shiny variants is, on average, four times the price of the base gem.

In addition, no quests require handing over shiny gems, while many require base gems. The only use for shiny gems, other than selling them, is for gifts (Scrooge McDuck).

However, even then, selling them usually is the better option. The money is too good to ignore.

As for finding them, they have a small chance to drop when mining any stone. It’s completely random if you’ll get the normal or shiny variant when mining.

How to Get More Gems While Mining

Hang out with Kristoff, who specializes in mining buffs.

Some quests require multiple copies of a specific gem. For instance, one quest requires players to farm 5 peridot gems. For that, players will need to mine every single rock in the Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow biomes. 

To increase your mining yields, consider tagging along with another villager who provides mining buffs.

For example, I’ve got Kristoff (character selection is random) to specialize in mining and reached friendship level 10.

Now, whenever I mine any stone and drop a gem, there’s a 50% chance for Kristoff to drop a second one.

Simply select your favorite character, give them the mining buff, and level their friendship as much as possible.

If you’re struggling with that, consider checking our guide on how to increase friendship levels fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Each gem can be found in specific biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the same goes for their shiny variants. All players need to do is mine all the dark-colored rocks in the biome they need.

To make the process easier, bring a villager specializing in mining with a high friendship level. This will increase your mining yields significantly.

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Now you know all the gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to find them. Do you need a specific gem for a quest, or are you trying to make bank? Let us know in the comments below.


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