Disney Dreamlight Valley – Star Path Guide & Rewards (Battle Pass)

The Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the equivalent Battle Pass from other games. It features a progression system based on quests and includes special event currency.

Leveling it up offers a variety of rewards, which are split between free and premium ones.

You can either follow the free track, or purchase the premium one at the cost of 2.500 Moonstones.

In this guide, I will go through the Star Path’s battle pass rewards and guide you on how to progress it quickly.

How the Star Path Works

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path Event.

The Star Path has 6 levels and multiple rewards on each level. To move to the next level, you’ll need to purchase at least 3 rewards from the previous level.

In addition, there are two versions of the battle pass: free and premium. If you’ve got the free one, some of the rewards will be locked. You will still be able to buy enough to unlock the next level, but some rewards, like outfits and moonstones, will be locked.

If you get the premium pass (which costs 2.500 moonstones), you can select any reward you want, as long as you’ve got the event currency to pay for it.

How to Get Event Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Star Path rewards, you need Event Coins. There’s only one way to acquire these, and that’s through the Event Duties tab. Select ‘Event’ from the top menu, and then ‘Duties’ on the right side.

If you got the free version, there will be three quests there. Completing one unlocks another.

If you got the premium version instead, you will see six quests there. Similarly, completing one quest unlocks another.

Completing each quest awards event coins, which are used to buy Star Path items.

How to Get Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Buying the premium Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To unlock the premium version of the battle pass, you will need 2.500 moonstones (or 4.100 moonstones if you want the pack with extra event coins). But how do you get moonstones?

The first way is by simply owning the game, through the founder’s packs.

The standard founder’s pack offers 8.000 moonstones, while the upgraded ones include even more. Consider checking our guide on how to claim the founder’s pack and all of its rewards.

Another method is by opening chests throughout the Valley. Some of them will have moonstones in them, albeit only a small amount (10).

Also, you can get moonstones through the free battle pass rewards. For instance, level 1 gives 100 moonstones for 6 events coins.

Lastly, players can also trade real money for moonstones.

All Star Path Rewards

There are 6 levels total in the Star Path and each level offers multiple rewards, ranging from outfits and designs to moonstones. In addition, completing each level unlocks an extra reward, as showcased on the right side of each image.

Best Star Path Rewards

As for specific rewards, I highly recommend prioritizing moonstone rewards over everything else. Other than that, the remaining rewards are cosmetic.

Choose the outfit, design, or furniture of your choice and go for that. There are no suggestions here, it’s just personal preference.


And that’s all. The Star Path battle pass is a great addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley as it provides great rewards both in the free and premium paths.

Completing it is fairly straightforward: complete the event quests, get event coins, and claim star path rewards.

If you enjoyed reading this article, consider checking our guide on the best beginner tips and tricks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Are you going for the premium or the free Star Path? Which cosmetic rewards are your favorite in the Star Path? Let us know in the comments below.

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