Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Onions

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a very big and vast game that has tons of items to get. Some of them are extremely rare while other are very common.

The onion is in the rare group. Stay tuned to find out how to get it.

Little hard to explain, but the onion is indeed a very rare commodity in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Quite shocking, isn’t it?

The onion is a very valuable item that you’ll need to progress through quests and the whole story of the game. That is why getting it can come quite a difficult journey.

Worry not though for it is in this guide that you will learn how to get onion in Disney Dreamlght Valley. Let’s get started.

How to Get Onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The best way to get Onion in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by getting Onion Seeds. 

In order to get the market available for you to buy Onion Seeds, you’ll need to have Goofy’s Stall. This Stall is only available in The Forest of Valor.

So make sure that you will unlock it first. Then after you have it unlocked you can spot it on your map.

The next objective will be to fully upgrade it to the maximum level. That means that you will need to upgrade it a total of 2 times.

Then once you enter it you are able to actually spot the Onion Seeds right in the middle. They cost a total of:

This isn’t necessarily cheap, but once you plant them they will grow up and give you a lot of Onions. So I recommend actually buying a lot of them.

If you do want to buy a single pack or already grown and edible onion that you can immediately throw it inside your cooking pot, you’ll need to pay this amount:

Yes. That is extremely expensive! So that is why I said above that getting the seeds first will be the best choice option if you’re thinking about buying and growing onions in your valley.

When planting Onion make sure to plant a whole lot of them because they are quite profitable. Don’t plant more than 200 because the game can’t handle it!

It has been tested – the game crashes. But anyhow, when planting Onions plant a lot of them and make sure that you’ll have a lot of energy!


Those are the only 2 ways of getting onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The onion is a very expensive item to get but there is a reason for it.

Without the onion, you actually won’t be able to progress through the story. 

Almost all of the cooking recipes that you’ll need to do for your Disney friends and companions will require a fresh raw onion to be added to it.

Onions are also a very good item if you’re thinking about selling on the market and making some profit.

Overall, the onion is a very good item in the long run, so don’t be saving money when buying it.

I hope that this guide has helped you get a lot of onions for your Disney valley. What is your favorite cooking item ingredient and why? Happy cooking!

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