Chained Echoes Victor Best Character Build

Victor is one of the best supporting characters in Chained Echoes that can provide heals, shields, buffs, and debuffs, while also being able to revive fallen allies.

In any party, it’s essential to have a supporting character to keep your other characters alive and to buff their damage.

For an idea of how to build your team, consider checking out our in-depth list of all characters available in the game.

In this guide, I will showcase the best build for Victor in Chained Echoes based on his role, stats, skills, and gear.

Best Role & Stats for Victor in Chained Echoes

Victor survives after a close call in Chained Echoes.
Victor survives after a close call in Chained Echoes.

Victor is your classic support in Chained Echoes and is an amazing addition to any team due to that.

His spells allow him to provide buffs, health and tp regeneration, strong shields, and even revives.

While he can’t buff his own magic, Victor can buff all other allies with one ability and can help your whole team deal significant damage.

If paired with a solid DPS like Glenn or Lenne (or both), Victor will help them deal phenomenal damage and even one-shot opponents.

Best Skills for Victor in Chained Echoes

Victor checks if everyone is all right during a boss fight in Chained Echoes.
Victor checks if everyone is all right during a boss fight in Chained Echoes.

Victor’s skills combine instant healing, consistent regeneration, offensive and defensive buffs, as well as some damage if needed.

Here are Victor’s best skills in the game.

  • Valor Minuet
  • Earth Drums
  • Requiem
  • Poetic March
  • Healing Hymn

With these, you can always be sure that allies are dealing as much damage as possible, while also staying alive without having to worry about their HP.

Best Gear for Victor in Chained Echoes

Victor during combat in Chained Echoes.
Victor during combat in Chained Echoes.

In terms of the best gear for Victor in the game, things are fairly straightforward.

For the early game, focus on anything that increases the Mind stat. This will increase Victor’s resistance to magic and buff the effectiveness of his healing spells.

Then, try and increase HP, TP, and Magic to increase Victor’s survivability, tactical points, and damage.

For the end game, your goal is to upgrade your weapon, armor, and sky armor to ultimate rarity. Keep in mind that this is an end-game activity and before that, you should use the best gear that you currently have.

In terms of class emblem, Victor’s best option is by far the Cleric Emblem.

How to Get the Cleric Emblem in Chained Echoes

Best Build for Victor in Chained Echoes.

The Cleric Emblem is the first class emblem players can get in the game. It can be found at the end of Narslene Sewers.

Interacting with the statue there will teach you about class emblems and award you with the Cleric Emblem.

Don’t worry about missing it, since it is gained simply by following the main story.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, that’s all you need to know about Victor’s best character build in Chained Echoes.

With his supporting skills, Victor is an essential character in every team, especially if built with the proper mind stats and Cleric Emblem.

He’ll make sure to keep any character alive and buff them to increase their damage.

To maximize class synergy with buffs and debuffs, consider pairing Victor with Sienna. If you can build Sienna properly, you’ll be able to take down almost any enemy with this combo.

What do you think about Victor? Do you prefer him as a support over Amalia? Let us know in the comments below.


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