Chained Echoes: All Characters in The Game

Chained Echoes is a really pleasant end-of-the-year surprise for JRPG fans. With amazing gameplay and plenty of characters to unlock and meet, this will surely keep you busy and entertained throughout the last days of 2022 and beyond.

But today, we’re here to look at all the characters in Chained Echoes. We’re going to cover the characters you can unlock in the game and not ALL those in the game’s world. Still a pretty long list – and useful as well.

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So check out below my complete list of Chained Echoes Characters, but be warned that in their description, there might be some spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Chained Echoes Characters You Can Unlock

chained echoes unlockable characters

With these in mind, here are all the Chained Echoes characters, in no particular order. Some can be unlocked as companions, while others are important one way or another to the game’s story.

1. Glenn

glenn character profile

Massive damage dealer and amazing character overall. He’s the main character, so it makes sense.

Glenn is on a quest to infiltrate the Kingdom of Fonset and it will be up for us to help him achieve this task.

2. Kylian

chained echoes kylian profile

The other main character in the game, he joins Glenn at the game’s start. Kylian is a former mercenary and also really helpful in battle thanks to the options you have when it comes to choosing is passive ATK skill.

3. Tomke

This old man joins your team during the second act of the game. (Just make sure to complete the The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry side-quest!)

But don’t let his old age fool you! He can be turned into a great deal damaging, second line mage (although I have seen some chatter that he can also be a good physical damage dealer). I prefer focusing on magic with him, though.

4. Magnolia

This girl packs a punch and even though she makes an appearance earlier on in the game, you will only be able to unlock her for your party in Act 4.

A bit of a wild card, her style is based on luck, as there’s always a RNG roll wit her attacks. Better than nothing, although you can’t really build a reliable strategy using her.

Instead, focus on the other and have her as your wild card that can potentially change the course of a battle with a lucky roll.

5. Mikah

She is Tomke’s granddaughter and a lot more useful, in my opinion, than the old man. She’s great for taking out single targets and also good at casting buffs which make her stronger.

You will unlock her after reaching Clan Rank 3 in the game.

6. Raphael

Another character that you will unlock during Act 4, after completing the side quest “A Will To Live”.

He is a truly unique character that brings a lot to the party. He can summon spirits, he can deal light damage and is really useful overall.

7. Marlock

A non-human character that is the commander of the Sky Force. An amazing, strong character.

8. Hyne

Another non-human character that you meet when you meet Marlock, extremely helpful for your first boss fight in Chained Echoes.

These two characters (Marlock and Hyne) are, unfortunately, not permanent members of your squad.

9. Lenne

lenne character profile

Actually a Princess, Lenne is unlocked soon after your first boss battle. She is a Palace Guard member, so really useful in battle. And she is accompanied by Robb, her trusted bodyguard.

10. Robb

chained echoes robb profile

As mentioned above, Robb is an amazing soldier and Princess Lenne’s bodyguard. He’s an amazing archer.

11. Sienna

chained echoes sienna

Yup, the story seems to get even more complicated when you unlock yet another main character.

Siena is an amazing thief and has useful skills that no other characters will.

12. Victor

chained echoes victor

Another playable character, Victor is in it for the fun and thrill of battle. He is really rich and works really well in tandem with Sienna.

13. Ba’Thraz

Unlocked later on in the game, Ba’Thraz is a non-human who joins your party and comes with an impressive set of skills.

14. Amalia

Although she’s just 14, Amalia has a really strong personality and an ally that always helps her in battle. I don’t want to say more, not to spoil the surprise, but I am sure you will love Amalia!

And this would be it so far in terms of characters you can unlock in Chained Echoes! We can now all take a break and check out the best Dragon Type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

Wrapping up

These would be all the Chained Echoes characters that I’ve stumbled upon so far and consider worth mentioning. Since this is still a work in progress and more characters might appear as I play, make sure to check back and take a look at my list.

Also let me know, in the comments section below, which characters should be mentioned above and why.

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