Chained Echoes Ba’Thraz BEST Character Build

Ba’Thraz is a mage character that offers amazing area-of-effect damage. He is one of the best DPS units in the game and can even deal as much damage as Sky Armors in the late game.

In addition, Ba’Thraz has solid summoning abilities and can turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

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In this guide, I will showcase the best build for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes based on his role, stats, skills, and gear.

Best Role & Stats for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes

Ba'Thraz exploring in Chained Echoes.
Ba’Thraz exploring in Chained Echoes.

Ba’Thraz serves as a ranged DPS unit that utilizes light and dark magic. His kit combines various high-damage spells that can deal area-of-effect damage.

In addition, his summons allow him to provide additional utility in the field and can deal solid damage overall.

Ba’Thraz can also be played as a physical attacker due to the innate Magic Up and Attack Up passive abilities.

Best Skills for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes

Ba'Thraz during combat in Chained Echoes.
Ba’Thraz during combat in Chained Echoes.

Ba’Thraz offers solid AoE elemental damage that can easily take down any grouped enemies.

In addition, he can utilize both light (Light Claymore) and dark magic (Dark Spear), to take advantage of any weaknesses enemies have.

Pair him with another DPS such as Lenne, who has fire, water, and wind elements, to always have an answer to any type of enemy.

Specifically, here are the best skills for Ba’Thraz in the game.

  • Light Claymore
  • Metal Dagger
  • Awaken Spirit
  • Dark Spear
  • Elemental Orbs
  • Heal All

Lastly, Ba’Thraz can have the Heal All spell as a backup plan to ensure your team never falls.

Best Gear for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes

Ba'Thraz during combat in Chained Echoes.
Ba’Thraz during combat in Chained Echoes.

In terms of the best gear for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes, things are fairly straightforward. For the early game, focus on anything that increases magic.

Try and give him the magic crit accessory, while also giving him some critical stats. This will make him an extremely strong DPS, both during the early and late game.

Your goal is to upgrade your weapon, armor, and sky armor to ultimate rarity. Keep in mind that this is an end-game activity and before that, you should use the best gear that you currently have.

As for Class Emblem, I highly recommend using the pyromancer one.

How to Get the Pyromancer Class Emblem

Victor talking to Ba'Thraz in Chained Echoes.
Victor talking to Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes.

The Pyromancer Class emblem can be gained by completing the Leonar Temple area.

Keep in mind that to get this emblem, players will need to have Sacred Water on them.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know about the best character builds for Ba’Thraz in Chained Echoes.

Focus on magic and critical stats, and you’ll see him dealing exceptional damage that’s enough to take down even the strongest enemies.

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What’s the highest damage you’ve managed to deal with Ba’Thraz? Do you have any specific combos to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


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