BEST Armored Core 6 Emblem Codes PC [May 2024]

Customization always allows players to bring out their personality. In this guide, I will go over the best PC Emblem codes in Armored Core 6.

Among the many features Armored Core has players to explore in the garage one of them is the ability to use both custom and preset Emblems on your ACs.

Even if you don’t have the ability to create the one you want yourself, there are many talented people out there who have created many popular emblems, from many different franchises.

Players will definitely be able to deck out their ACs with their favorite character on it.

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Armored Core 6: Installing Custom Emblems


Before going over the codes you will need to know how to add them to your game first.

Before diving in, you will need to be playing in Online Mode, with a stable internet connection to download them.

You will need to follow these few easy steps, and then you will have all the codes you desire you want at your disposal.

  • Start by opening the Garage option and entering AC Design.
  • Here, enter Image Editor and choose the Downloaded tab all the way at the end.
  • Select the download arrow icon on the bottom right.
  • A tab will pop up where you can input the Share ID of the emblem. Share ID is a code for an emblem.
  • Enter, and the Emblem will download.

When you finish all these easy steps, you will have a full library of all the Emblems you want.

Also when you first enter the Decal you will be shown the first five preset pages, then the four user pages, and lastly the downloaded page.

Armored Core 6: Custom Emblem Codes


Here I will list the best PC Emblem codes for Armored Core 6.

  • Q7655XHY7VC8Convergence Emblem
  • YEEYD3Y6DV3XUmbrella Corp Logo
  • ECEB7JJYPQ2MWord Bearers
  • AYJK828JBWD7Bocchi the Blob
  • 52CD9LCRKJQ9Perfect Symmetry_Death the Kid
  • VEKVBHD5CS75Mortal Witness (Evil Eye)
  • N8DBM6JKL0DYFires of Ibis
  • E54Q11EEL9Z3Shin Megami Tensei Logo (pt.1)
  • KVKYEBU4AWW8Jolteon party sprite
  • 5943QSYYQ0BDSylveon party sprite
  • EB3KDB0WSGPXFlareon party sprite
  • MX3LFXQXA4GPWhite Raven
  • 0W0B04BTWNGABurroughs
  • 2PGYUFUVUVMKmalenia
  • YTVZ3WQVCD5AStar Fox Team Logo
  • WDP27RF1AR16Cyno (Genshin Impact)
  • TCG6PW3HQZMZSide-Eye Chloe
  • 4AEH54460SEAYin Yang
  • QFWVSB064P8NWall E
  • 4DJ8R0ZE1NVG7th Armored Core Division
  • 91BGD9FB2SHJKirby
  • 9VL2WJ9L246ZPokemon Pikachu
  • U20982UJBHXTButtercup Powerpuff Girls
  • ET8K8DNFS667Rhodes Island Decal from Arknights
  • 0AV4TXA6V5BHHeart Pirates (One Piece) Jolly Roger
  • UVDD6LGRKX09Fairytail Logo-White Blood
  • NQH1L1SPQYRJJade Rabbit (Destiny (2))
  • PRK06Y52YK1AEggman Logo [RED]
  • 16M9MVN3VMVSSSRB made using the base picrew template
  • TL3BC4NRM931Moon Witch Cat by Mallory Scélérat
  • ETHV3PD95S09Berserk
  • VE4AT53L1T62Soul Eater
  • UYNL6KR8W1QZElden Ring
  • C304D10RMUWVDark Souls
  • R73MMUP8GECVMoogle
  • EZ0R8NXL8QXAEldar Saim-Hann Black
  • ACU9AJW5WDDZTrollface Panda
  • 6QP0HCW5RFYRTouhou – Chen (Bkub’s style)
  • A1FMXE24DA0RModeus-Helltaker
  • A1G4NC3VWF46Undertaker-86
  • XZ758VK9AZQLCourage
  • DLG0YAU8780KDelta Rune
  • PUATK6CK75STSailor Saturn Transformation
  • 0QKDJFA02EGFMoon and Sun
  • 3Y1STE9N2SSFTarot Card, Magician.
  • FZ7YNA4YTVJEPusheen
  • 6WZMWKXSFNH2Digimon Greymon
  • 8MP7NM0GLR1HTrinity
  • XCHW6AZZ3UV4Praise the Sun
  • VQ3VWE59T4AKThe Witcher Logo
  • TSK65XEJ5F75 Demon Ritual
  • UXV2AL66NER3Laughing Coffin
  • XAJTB7J1Q1CHThe face of god
  • FSSGSLG4JDH0Takanashi Hoshino (Blue Archive) Kaomoji
  • VZFWKP309K0KAkatsuki-Naruto
  • HW3LPY65J7S3Box Uni
  • G8SL9R9X34E6ZAP
  • 6FVWP1JGPHMZBigfoot Is Real
  • T0QAN5A29F6BPokemon Lugia GenII Menu Sprite
  • B617QDWLHA2J4 Star Dragonball
  • W6DYS3GN3YSRShirasu Azusa (Blue Archive) Kaomoji
  • Q8PQHRE58SGLRaven blood

Final Thoughts

With so many created already, and as days pass so many more made, you will always have something new to add to your Armored Core.

If you want to know more about the battle logs, check out our guide on all the battle logs in Armored Core 6.

Decking out your Armored Core with all the different emblems will make you feel that your personality is a big part of your journey in Armored Core. Let us know in the comments down below how many emblems have you downloaded so far.


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