Idle Pirate Legend Codes [Working May 2024]

When starting out having a boost can make your overall progress smoother. In this guide, I will go over the working codes for May 2024 for Idle Pirate Legend.

Idle Pirate Legend has been getting constant updates, and its popularity has allowed devs to add many codes full of unique rewards.

In order to assemble your crew with an array of pirates, each contributing their distinct strengths and abilities to your team these rewards will make the progress much faster.

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Idle Pirate Legend Redeemable Codes


These are the codes you can use in the game. As of May 2024, there are no expired codes, so make sure to use all of them.

Here is a complete list of all the codes:

  • ONEPIECE666 – 10 Advanced Recruit Tickets, 10 Normal Recruit Tickets
  • ONEPIECE777 – 777 Gems, 10 Normal Recruit Tickets
  • ONEPIECE888 – 200 Gems, 10 Normal Recruit Tickets
  • EPICSUMMON50 – 888 Gems, 10 Advanced Recruit Tickets
  • EpicSummon66 – 200 Gems, 500,000 Belly
  • EpicSummon88 – 100 Gems, 10 Normal Recruit Tickets
  • 7xeu7k4nxt – 1,000 Gems, 5 Advanced Recruit Tickets

Keep in mind that you will need to enter the codes as seen. If you are having any problems, you may have made a mistake while copying the code back into the game.

Always make sure that you capitalize the correct letters as shown, and you will end up with a variety of amazing rewards that will when you are starting out, or even if you have already played for some time.

How to Redeem Codes in Idle Pirate Legend


To redeem Idle Pirate Legend codes, follow these steps: 

  • Launch Idle Pirate Legend
  • Tap on Benefits on the top of the screen
  • Tap on the Redeem Code in the bottom right of the screen
  • Tap on the Please Enter Code Here box and type your code exactly as it appears
  • Enter one of the Idle Pirate Legend codes listed above
  • Get the rewards

You can redeem a particular code only once per account. 

How To Get More Idle Pirate Legend Codes


Sometimes new codes can be found through the game’s official social media pages.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Discord

Newly released codes can be easily found on those pages, and it is also a great way to stay up to date with the game’s latest updates. They can also run competitions and giveaways for players to participate in.

Final Thoughts

Codes like these help players start the game running and allow them to catch up with others especially when it comes to PvP content.

Use these codes to receive the ingame rewards, and either use them immediately or save them until something new comes out that you really want. As long as you keep enjoying and having fun with the game.

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With all these Idle Pirate Legends listed, you will be able to give the game a try, and not feel left out or falling behind. Let us know in the comments down below, how are you enjoying the game so far.


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