BEST Armored Core 6 Emblem Codes PlayStation [May 2024]

Having customization features across platforms shows for all the players. In this guide, I will show the best PlayStation Emblem codes in Armored Core 6.

The console versions often cut features, but thankfully Armored Core 6 is the same game across all platforms, and so is the ability to download custom Emblems online to add to your AC.

Even if you don’t have the ability to create the one you want yourself, there are many talented people out there who have created many popular emblems, from many different franchises.

Deck out your Armored Core with all different Emblems, and make it your own.

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Armored Core 6: Installing Custom Emblems


Before going over the codes you will need to know how to add them to your game first.

Before diving in, you will need to be playing in Online Mode, with a stable internet connection to download them.

You will need to follow these few easy steps, and then you will have all the codes you desire you want at your disposal.

  • Start by opening the Garage option and entering AC Design.
  • Here, enter Image Editor and choose the Downloaded tab all the way at the end.
  • Select the download arrow icon on the bottom right.
  • A tab will pop up where you can input the Share ID of the emblem. Share ID is a code for an emblem.
  • Enter, and the Emblem will download.

When you finish all these easy steps, you will have a full library of all the Emblems you want.

Also when you first enter the Decal you will be shown the first five preset pages, then the four user pages, and lastly the downloaded page.

Armored Core 6: Custom Emblem Codes


Here I will list the best PlayStation Emblem codes for Armored Core 6.

  • ED6M10XJTBWZClassic Mortal Kombat Logo
  • MYG1Q1BVQ4GDAce Combat 7
  • C73DUE076CPTElden Ring
  • 6UX4UCSCRCNYDecepticon
  • 5HRB8DK6WCEMLudens From Kojima Production
  • NVED8ZTGPJ5UFuwamoco Abyssguard Emblem
  • 3UCFJC5RJV8G[Kingdom Hearts] Nobodies Solid
  • 38XWCN1HRL17Death Tarot Card
  • NTQDCXWCB6FMGundam 00
  • ABABGB26CGPGRed Pill/ Blue Pill
  • 20X47410MYDKSilly Toon
  • 8SM3Z8DL829JNier Emil
  • V9PEKTVHZU0MMass Effect N7 logo
  • D5X1JCN4GJYAHeartless Emblem
  • XZREEEBK5CLDBlue Archive: Wakamo
  • N4MYKNBB1FESBatman Logo
  • 8BJTG24FD614Straw Hat Crew’s Jolly Rodger
  • U2E3PNX7ZG8LFOXHOUND metal gear solid
  • Q1TKVT8E3W87Digimon Eye
  • 37VAMS8FKD9QCelestial Being
  • R2F6RLHW73RBCode Geass The Order of the Black Knights
  • 5FD2YBMMPQ58Sharingan
  • F1WHH5Q0A96QHoushou Marine Emblem
  • SCTEPPCWWCR4Shiori Novella Yorick
  • FWGAR55QXMZJAutobot emblem
  • 2256KA5K6GS2Gekkokan High
  • J3WH6KLUWAV3Hello Kitty
  • YRZ994NUWE85Tokino Sora Emblem
  • TKQQXKVW5LKC Dark Hour
  • U3MPWHUVS4ZFMagneto Helmet
  • CA7XZ729VVYZWindows 98
  • TBTK4QT8CE9MPavolia Reine Hairpin
  • 7FQ27JTH9PFQAki Rosenthal Emblem
  • 8X8U352KWVY3Blood Angels
  • N86MHZ1EA3SKTakodachi
  • 9P01A4BNUMGMChainsawMan Pochita
  • MS63S8M16PPJ Blitz Wolf King Blue Transparent BG
  • LJ0TRJ00VFQDAlchemy Transmutation Circle
  • 8NRP05NLBUJNScythe Raven
  • QY5QNBUMEXJAKirby Face
  • D4G0HCS1EMFRUsada Pekora Nousagi
  • MEJZQNUEXFL2Berman Empire
  • XKX4JE2KRVSWResident Evil Umbrella Corps logo
  • 5ZWFDUY09WTZQuoth the Raven
  • Q2RLBZ4GSAN7Classic PlayStation Logo
  • GWESS2UGE3XFTeam Rocket

Final Thoughts

No matter whether you choose to download one, or create one on your own, Emblems will always bring out personal creativity.

With so many different people coming together the Armored Core community keeps growing by the day, and there will be many more amazing Emblems out there to be found.

Having the custom emblems you want is really important, and if you know a PC player, check out our guide on the best PC custom emblems in Armored Core 6.

Decking out your Armored Core with all the different emblems will make you feel that your personality is a big part of your journey in Armored Core. Let us know in the comments down below how many emblems have you downloaded so far.


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