Ranch Simulator Oil Locations & How to Find Oil

The official release of Ranch Simulator has brought oil as a resource you can gather. In today’s guide, I will go over all the locations where you can find it.

As of version 1.0 of the game, there are 11 oil locations in the game, and players will be able to find and place oil plants on them to extract oil and boost their earnings.

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Oil Locations


Looking at the map above, you can see, marked with red, all the oil locations in the game.

Some things make these oil locations stand out. To spot an oil location while moving about, you will first see a grey patch of land.

If the oil spawns for you, you will also see a black puddle. If the current location doesn’t have oil, you will just pass the grey patch of land.

To make things easier – even though the map above should be helpful enough in my opinion – here is an in-depth guide for each location and how to get there:

Oil Location #1

Let’s start from the Ranch, and go from there. Leave the ranch, go into the forest, and in the middle of a forest clearing. If you see a grey patch of land, but no oil, it means that this spot hasn’t spawned in yet.

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Oil Location #2

For the second location go back down to the main road, and look for it on the north part of the road. It is out in the open, so players won’t miss it.

Oil Location #3

The third location is way up after passing the Gas Station. It is really easy to find, and players can find it to the right of the road. It’s out in the open, and really hard to miss.

Oil Location #4 & #5

As you keep going up down the road, you will notice a dirt road to the left. Your next two oil locations are up there.

The fourth one is to the left of a barn, and a silo, next to a fence. It can be pretty hard to spot because you can mistake it for the road, but if there is oil next to the barn you will notice it.

The fifth one is to the woods a little further up to the right of the dirt road, or to the left of the barn. It may take some looking around, but you will see it.

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Oil Location #6

The sixth location is just a small way across the forest. From the previous location next to the barn, you will want to just go to the other side of the map.

Once you reach the dirt road, go to the top. Start going down the road, and you will see the spot to your left.

Oil Location #7

From the previous locations, get through the forest, and when you reach an open field. You will also notice a building in the far distance.

Oil Location #8

To the left of the Hardware Store, you will go down the road. When you reach a left turn on the road, go up to the forest, and you will see the oil spot among the trees.

You will also know that you are in the right spot when you see a building with a tower, with red, and white stripes.

Oil Location #9

Once you are back on the main road, keep going straight until you reach the top of a cliff. When you reach the top, you will notice to the right of the road, the oil spot among some trees.

Oil Location #10

The last two locations are close to the General Store. The tenth location is at the intersection before the General Store.

As you go from the Car Store to the General Store, you will come to an intersection. The oil spot is to the right of the road, across from the General Store.

Oil Location #11

The last location is just past the General Store. You will go toward the Hunter, and when you reach the top of the curve on the road you will see the last oil spot.

With all the different oil locations in Ranch Simulator laid out, you are ready to go out there and find your own. Let us know how are you enjoying the game, and if there is anything you want to me to write a guide for.

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