Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get a Choice Band

The Choice Band is one of the most overpowered and valuable items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far.

This item will bring about insane changes in the offensive capabilities of the Pokemon holding it, and will take it to the top of its game, regardless of the mode you’re playing.

You can’t achieve it without the grind, though! It will take some work and effort on your part to get your hands on the choice band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and I’m here to help you out with that!

How to Get a Choice Band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Choice Band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be purchased from the Delibird Presents shop in Mesagoza.

Entrance of Delibird Presents in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Entrance of Delibird Presents

The price of this extremely valuable item is 100,000 Pokédollars, but one would agree that the price is justified for the game-changing boost it gives to your Pokemon.

But, you may not find the Choice Band in the Delibird Presents shop right away! That’s because there’s a certain condition that must be fulfilled before you’ll be eligible to get the Choice Band.

The main story of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet must be finished before you can obtain the Choice Band. Unless and until you’ve completed it properly, the Choice Band won’t be available in the shop.

An important point to remember here is that you’ll need to go through the entire credits section once it appears after you’ve completed the game. If you don’t do so, you might not be able to view the Choice Band later on.

The Delibird Presents shop is located in Mesagoza. Mesagoza is the largest city in Paldea, containing shops for clothes and accessories as well as the Artisan Bakery, where you can purchase Peanut Butter, Ham, and other sandwich ingredients.  

The Delibird Presents can be spotted easily near the west gate of Mesagoza.

West Gate of Mesagoza in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
West Gate of Mesagoza

When you enter Delibird Presents, select “Battle Items” once you’re asked to choose the type of gift item you want.

Delibird Presents first menu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A list of items will come up as a result, and you should be able to find the Choice Band if you scroll down a bit. You’ll be able to purchase it if you have enough cash in hand.

Choice Band in Delibird Presents in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Choice Band is one of the most powerful items in the game. That’s one of the key reasons why it’s available only after you’re done with the game, or else it’ll make the game as easy as pie!

When it’s used by a Pokemon, its “Attack” stat is increased by 50%! No other attributes of the Pokemon are affected, though. Moreover, it can be used with only one Pokemon at a time.

The nature mints help to boost a certain stat of your Pokemon, but these aren’t able to raise the levels as much as the Choice Band. Furthermore, they also nerf another attribute at the same time.  

If the Choice Band is used on the right Pokemon, you can wreak havoc on any game mode you play!

The Pokemon will be insane offensively and make you invincible! Without any doubt, you should definitely use the Choice Band on the best Pokemon in your Pokedex, or the one with the highest value for the Attack attribute.

Needless to say, 100,000 Pokedollars is a huge amount of money. If you haven’t really played the game economically from the start, don’t lose hope!

Tera raids and selling various unnecessary items in your inventory will help you rack up that Pokedollars counter quickly! But, you’ll need to grind for it and put in the work! Trust me, it’s all worth it in the end!

If you’re having issues with the tera raid battles, you can check out our guides on how to easily win the tera raids and how to unlock the 6-star raids, which are the most rewarding.

Wrapping Up

Getting the Choice Band in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet doesn’t come with a lot of requirements but the difficulty of the requirements are quite high! Keeping it economical while finishing the entire story may not be as easy as one may think!

However, the tera raids are an efficient way of increasing the amount of Pokedollars you have and putting in a decent amount of effort consistently will definitely help you obtain the Choice Band in no time!

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