Idle Skilling: Best Potions in the Game

Idle Skilling is a game where you will be starting off with a brand new character and keep improving over time. A certain item to give you an extra edge are the potions.

Stay tuned to find out which are the best potions in the game.

Potions in Idle Skilling are a must-use. You will get so much from them in terms of buffs. Some of them are pretty rare and very hard to find though.

In this guide, we will be talking about which are the best potions in the game and why you should use them. Let’s get started.

Best Potions in Idle Skilling

There are different types of potions in Idle Skilling. They are different mostly about what buffs they give you and how easy or hard it might be to obtain them.

Also, you will need to level up in order to be able to use all of the potions available. All of the potions in Idle Skilling have a level requirement that you will have to meet first.

These are the best potions in Idle Skilling in my opinion:

Best Red Rarity Potions:

  • Based Damage – gives 400 DMG bonus
  • Monster Cash – 2% extra cash from enemies. Extremely good for starters
  • Mack Attack – 1% DMG for every 10 Attack Levels
  • Ore Boostio – 4% Ores Mined
  • Smith Reduhx – a total of -0.25% total Smithing Cost

Best Orange Rarity Potions:

  • Idle Pow Pow – 5% Idle Damage
  • Strength Buster – 1% DMG for every 10 Strenght Levels
  • AP Cash Money – 0.25% Monster Cash for every 10 AP owned
  • Minor Miner – 5% Mining EXP
  • Dojo Blood – 15% EXP from all Dojo Skillers

Best Yellow Rarity Potions:

  • Idle Zoom – 5% Idle Damage
  • Ore Superbio – 10% Ores Mined
  • Penguinzo – 2% Crit DMG
  • Smith Buff – 1% DMG for every 10 Smithing Levels
  • Gold Cash – 0.5% cash for every 10 Gold Ore Owned

Best Lime Rarity Potions:

  • HP Damagey – 1% Damage for every 10 Endurance Levels
  • OG Damage – 1500 Base Damage
  • Big Winner – 10% Cash from Enemies
  • Raw Power – 12% Total Damage
  • Field Dew – 15% EXP from all Field Skillers

Best Cyan Rarity Potions:

  • Krunkade – 8% CRIT DMG
  • Cashin Out – 20% Cash from Enemies
  • Water Goner – 1% DMG for every 10 H2O levels
  • Idle Woosh – 15% Idle Speed
  • Bigger Big – Big Ol` Swords give 60+ more Base DMG each

Best Purple Rarity Potions:

  • AP Tonic – 10% AP Gained
  • Idle Kachow – 10% Idle DMG
  • Totalitariat – 40% Total DMG
  • M Vitality – 30% Max HP
  • Irrelevance – 4000 Base DMG

Best Demon Rarity Potions:

  • Criticola – 20% CRIT DMG
  • Canned Shield – 50% Max Shields
  • Transfusion – 1% total DMG for every +100% total HP bonuses you have
  • Contract Pact – 2% DMG for every 10 Contract Levels
  • AP Powah – 10% DMG for every 10 AP owned

Best Godly Rarity Potions:

  • Pride – 5% DMG for every Level 5 Monster Card
  • Killionare – 15% DMG for every 10 Total Enemy Kills
  • Drop of Each – 0.02% DMG for every Total Potion Level
  • Blasphemy – 2% Potion Bonus
  • Fame – 8% DMG for every 10 Raid Awards owned

Best Cosmic Rarity Potions:

  • Cygnus – Levels up all Red, Orange, and Yellow Potions
  • Cantivici – 0.13% Chain Level Chance
  • Ophiucus – Levels up all Demon and Godly Potions
  • Cepheus – +1.5 Max Cauldron Speed 
  • Corvius – 3% RP Gain for all Tanks

Best Darkmode Rarity Potions:

  • Forewordi – times X cash that you’d want
  • Treasurade – +X% for every treasure that you have
  • Admite – Permanent Cash bonus for every 10 Raid Tickets
  • Olivertime – Dig Down amount increases X% faster after reaching an end tunnel
  • Donut Bottle – Smithing % goes up
  • Coca Prola – Increases MAX bonus upgrade
  • Badonkadonk – +X% for every 50 Balls that you will launch
  • Genetea – +X% to hatch a Pet with 2 or 3 Genes
  • Coooool – +X% to get Cool Tunnel Cards
  • Nevasettle – Forewordi Potions boosts more things
  • Papa Fisto – each difficultt LVL reached on Crusade increases Doom Gauntlet
  • Tressii – increases Max Perk Tree Upgrade LVL by +X


Those are the best potions that you are able to use in Idle Skilling.

Each of them will offer something new that might come in handy one way or another in the game. That is why I recommend trying them out since they will be helping you out a lot.

Make sure to look at what you’re building first as to now waste a potion on something that you don’t want. You will always want to focus on the XP and Cash first and then look for DMG.

I hope that this guide about the best potions in the game has helped you out a bit while playing Idle Skilling. Have fun using them! Do let me know which is your favorite potion and why?

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