How to Teleport to Spawn Location in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition?

Going back to your spawn or bed in Minecraft after you’ve come a long way exploring can be an arduous and time-consuming task!

The journey during the exploration may have been enjoyable but the return journey may not be as fun, especially if you’re in a hurry. So, how do we deal with this issue? Teleport!

Today, I’ll be helping you out on how to teleport to spawn location in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition!

Whichever edition you play, you won’t have to go through the pain of needing to track back to your original location after some fun exploration!

How to Teleport to Spawn Location?

Before we start off, it must be mentioned that, teleporting to spawn location in Minecraft involves enabling and using Cheats, just like Flying, spawning Villagers, or keeping Inventory.

If you aren’t interested in using cheats in your game (which I respect), then teleporting won’t be possible for you in Minecraft.

Spawn locations are areas in the Minecraft world where you’ll return if you die in any way.

Thankfully, Minecraft gives you the ability to change your spawn locations, which is very convenient.

The original spawn location is the very first point where you start in your world when created. Going back to where you started off when you die would be extremely frustrating!

You spawn location can be literally anywhere in the Minecraft world, be it your base or a random village.

How to Change and Set Spawn Point?

In order to set a new spawn point, you’ll need to make use of a bed! The bed is a block where you sleep and that’s where your new spawn point will be relocated.

Minecraft Bed

Once you die, you’ll be taken back to coordinates of the last bed that you slept in.

It’s quite easy to set your spawn point anywhere you like!

You should create your spawn point in an area where you want to come back after your exploration, preferably with a lot of mined diamonds or food items! It shouldn’t also be too far from where you’re exploring, just in case you die.

Just craft a bed and place it where you want to sleep. Sleep in the bed when it’s nighttime and once you’re up the next morning, your spawn location will be changed and set to the current coordinates of your bed!

But, how will you know the coordinates of the current spawn location?

How to find the Spawn coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition?

Click on the “F3” key on your keyboard (FN + F3 for MAC), and that should bring up a variety of information on the left side of your screen.

Coordinates in Minecraft java Debug Window

If you carefully navigate through these, you can find a feature “XYZ” and the numbers associated with it are the coordinates of your spawn point, in the order of x, y, and z. The “Block” feature simplifies the coordinate further.

You can get rid of the information just the way you brought it.

How to find the Spawn coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Firstly, go to Settings and then the “Game” menu under the “World” section.

Show Coordinates feature in Minecraft Bedrock

Scroll down the Game menu until you find a toggle option that says “Show Coordinates”. The World Seed can also be found as you scroll down.

Turning the option ON will display your exact coordinates on the left side of the screen.

Minecraft Bedrock Coordinates Showing

Make sure you record the coordinates of your spawn location; it’ll be required later on.

So, now that you know how you can have a spawn point where you want it, how do you teleport back to it?

How to Teleport to Spawn Location in Minecraft Java Edition?

First and foremost, you’ll have to enable cheats in order to teleport. So, move to the Settings to find and open the “Open to LAN” option.

minecraft open to lan settings

Toggle the “Allow Cheats” feature to ON and click on “Start LAN World”. Now, you’ll easily be able to implement cheats in the game.

allow cheat feature in minecraft

Open the command/chat box on the left, bottom corner of the screen, which can be usually done by pressing “T” on your keyboard.

In the chat box, type in the following command:

“/teleport x_coordinate y_coordinate z_coordinate”

Here, the coordinates are the ones you recorded in your spawn location. So, if the coordinates of the spawn point were – 249, 63, 14 – you’d type:

“/teleport 249 63 14”

Minecraft Java Teleport Command

You may replace the “teleport” with “tp” as well.

Press Enter when you’ve typed the command properly and you should be teleported to your spawn point in no time!

Minecraft Java Successful teleportation

You can teleport other players as well; in that case, you must enter the command in this format:

“/teleport [Username of Player] x_coordinate y_coordinate z_coordinate”.

How to Teleport to Spawn Location in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

The first task is to enable cheats in your Minecraft world. Move to the Settings option and under the World section, you should find a toggle feature, “Activate Cheats”, as you scroll down.

Minecraft Bedrock Activate Cheats

Turn this feature on and you’ll be good to go!

To open up the chat/command box, click on the D-pad or the “Chat” icon on top of the screen. The format of the cheat is exactly the same as that for the Java Edition. Type in this command:

“/teleport x_coordinate y_coordinate z_coordinate”.

Minecraft Bedrock Teleport Command

You can also add your username to ensure correct and proper teleportation of only yourself, just in case other players are present in the server. Then, the text would be:

“/teleport [Username of Player] x_coordinate y_coordinate z_coordinate”.

Therefore, if your username is Minecraft101Player, and the coordinates of your spawn point is -500, 69, 0, the code you’d type is:

“/teleport Minecraft101Player -500 69 0”.

Pressing Enter after you’ve correctly put in the coordinates will teleport you in no time!

Wrapping Up

Teleporting can be extremely convenient after you’ve been just wandering around or having fun but have to return to base or spawn location quickly.

For either Minecraft Editions, it’s quite simple as long as you know the locations to your spawn point.

Nevertheless, if you’re having any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below!

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