Tales of Arise How to Beat Ganabelt [Guide]

The biggest difficulty spike so far in Tales of Arise is fighting the second lord, lord Ganabelt. With his duplication and quick attacks, the battle with him is one of the toughest. 

Thankfully, I have a solution to this problem he can be defeated with the right tactics that will be given to you in this guide. Stay tuned to find out more about them.

By defeating the second lord, Ganabelt you will be given a chance to go further and defeat the other lord. You will need to pull up your sleeves because it won’t be easy.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to beat Ganabelt in Tales of Arise. Let’s get started.

Before the Fight with Ganabelt

You have to do the following things before you go into battle with the difficult boss, so make sure the following is done: 

Equip all Accessories

The most important for surviving Ganabelt’s attack is the Alexandrite accessories.

Alexandrite accessories reduce damage by 50% which is a crucial thing for surviving and continuing with the battle.

Alexandrite accessories can be found in Cyslodia including Nevira Snowplains, Ulvhan Grotto, and the Underground Waterway.

With scoring Rank 3 materials they give a chance of reducing dark/ light by 10%. It’s better to craft four of these with Rank 3 materials and equip them for every character.


Highly recommended is stocking up on Life Bottles and Orange Gels. 

They aren’t cheap but it’s better to have them, even if you don’t use them all they definitely won’t go to waste even if you retain some of them after the battle.

Reach level 17

If you are level 15 or under retreat and grind to level 17. You can do this by going to Riville Prison Tower.

If your EXP totals aren’t far away you can quick the leveling up by fighting some battles in the locations where you are collecting Chrysoberyl Mass.

Leveling up is hard but this one battle where it is worth it to defeat the 19 -level Ganabelt.

Cook a meal

By the end of the dungeon, the effect of your last meal will be at the end of its expiration. The best food that you can go for in terms of buffs is definitely Fish.

for a little Elemental Defence boost is recommended to cook Grilled Mushrooms.

First Phase of the Battle

This boss fight will try to check you on using your consumables around your cp mark. There are a couple of rules that are very helpful and very valuable.

First things first always position yourself behind Ganabelt’s back. Don’t rush with your attacks, take your time, and hit him a few times before dodging away. 

Staying too close to him for a long period of time can cause a problem. He can summon lighting that surrounds him as a way of punishing you.

Ganabelt can teleport next to you easily and strike with his sword. That’s why it’s important to dodge around and always be ready for your next move. 

Take as much time as you can until Law has used three Boost attacks. 

After Law’s third Boost strike lands, you will have the opportunity to leave Ganabelt vulnerable. 

With the use of the Blazing Sword, you break through Ganabelt’s defenses which leaves him on the ground. 

When he is on the ground there is a long period of time for you to attack with Alphen over and over again and take his health down as much as possible. 

After this attack heals up Alphen and return to the previous tactic of attacking and dodging.

The important thing here is to use Rinswell’s Boost attack wisely, this means that you should keep it charged and never use Rinswell’s Boost attack unless you see Ganabelt casting.

Second Phase of the Battle

In the second phase of the battle the Orange Gel comes in handy, it’s better to use one pre- emptive than to need one in an emergency. 

In this phase, Ganabelt is down to half health which will provide a Boost Strike. 

In order to defend himself, Ganabelt will surround himself in a barrier and summon three clones. 

You can take out the clones one by one by holding L1 and pressing the D- pad down to switch to the next character before clicking the D- pad right and repeating the process.

 After this is done change back to Alphen and get ready to attack. 

Give everything that you’ve got, make sure that you are on full health, and repeat the process in order to take all the clones down.

Third Phase of the Battle

The third phase represents the attack of the clones. This is done only by taking one at a time, dodging, and keeping an eye on your health. 

Taking down the clones is very important because they all can perform the same attack as the real Ganabelt himself.

This is the trickiest part of the battle because you don’t have just one Ganabelt to defeat you have 3 or 4 more clones just like him all attacking you at the same time. 

The clones don’t have a huge amount of HP so targeting one at a time and attacking him will help to defeat them faster. 

Don’t be afraid to use Boost Attacks, things can get chaotic but they will calm down after some time.

Final Phase – Defeating Ganabelt

As the end of the battle comes Ganabelts health will be getting lower and lower so he will be close to unleashing his mystic arte once again. 

Thankfully there will be no copies this time the only bad news are that it’s very hard to deal serious damage to him.

The most important thing is to heal up before throwing everything that you’ve got and going all in. 

Use all of your Boost Attacks, use the Blazing sword once again, and use everything, there is no need to hold back something since he will repeat indignation from that point forward.

If things get complicated and hard you can let Alphen die as long as your three other characters are on full health. 


To round up at the end of this guide this is everything that you need to prepare before you go and during the battle with the second lord Ganabelt:

Equip all accessories, stock up on items, reach level 17, don’t rush with your attacks, hit a few times and then dodge away, use the Blazing sword, and use all of your Boost Attacks.

This is everything that you need to know to defeat Ganabelt in the easiest way. Make sure to follow every step.

This is the hardest battle in the game but that’s the thing that makes the battle even more interesting and enjoyable. 

I hope that this guide has helped you out and made the impossible come possible, to defeat the second lord. 

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