How to Dispel Rossum’s Shield in King’s Bounty 2? (The Ruins of New Hope Quest)

Dispelling Rossum’s shield in King’s Bounty 2 is one of the earliest missions that you have to complete, even before reaching the Palace. But what is a very straightforward mission for some is impossible for others.

I didn’t really pay much attention to this quest when I had it simply because it was so easy. It’s part of the Ruins of New Hope quest line, which is one of the first you get in the game.

ruins of new hope quest line

The third mission forces you to make a choice: either Destroy the prison golems or Pacify the golems with the help of their master.

If you want to choose the peaceful route (and a good idea, since fighting golems early on is not easy!), you need to first talk to their master, Rossum, which is performing some sort of magic and is protected by a magic shield.

Now, for some people (like myself), dispelling that shield is pretty straightforward: you walk to the runes, activate them and that’s it.

But disabling Rossum’s shield and basically going the peaceful route is not possible for one of the three character types in the game, no matter what.

how to dispel rosums shield

This means that if you are playing as Warrior, your only option here is to fight the Golems. Warriors have to knowledge of magic and therefore they can’t dispel Rossum’s shield.

If you play as Mage (as it was my case) or Paladin, you can easily dispel the shield by activating the runes in front of it. But for Warriors, this is simply not possible.

So basically, I would go as far as saying that this is a bug in the game. Or at least the developers should’ve made it easier for people to understand the limitations of some classes (and later on alignments).

I didn’t even know this was a problem until a friend of mine started to complain that he was 30 minutes into this quest, unable to find the key to disabling the runes.

When we double checked, we realized that the only reason why he was not able to do it was because he was playing the Warrior – while I played the Mage.

So, tough luck in this case for all Warriors out there. There’s no other way to progress in the Ruins of New Hope quest unless you move on and attack those Golems. Good luck!

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