King’s Bounty 2: How to Sell Your Items for Gold?

Having enough gold in King’s Bounty 2 is always a challenge. Especially early on and when you play the game for the first time, it seems that you never have enough money for anything.

At the same time, if you follow our tips for making more gold in the game, you probably have your inventory filled with all sorts of junk items that the game says should be sold.

But how do you sell these junk items in King’s Bounty 2?

You will only be able to sell them once you reach the castle and talk to the Prince, who gives you your main mission. Afterwards, selling junk items for gold will be extremely easy and done with any merchant you encounter.

kings bounty 2 sell items
Find any merchant and sell your junk!

In the image above, you can see the first merchant that you can sell your junk items to as soon as you exit the palace. But there is a multitude of merchants scattered throughout the game.

To sell all your junk items, you can simply hold the indicated key by the game (H if I am not mistaken). You should not worry – all junk items are useless in the game, their main purpose being that of being sold for gold.

So you should never worry about selling something you might need later. If it’s a junk items, you won’t need them at anything!

kings bounty 2 trash items

Have in mind that only merchants that sell items (such as weapons, armor or scrolls) can buy things from you. Those who sell units won’t be able to buy junk from you.

Also, it doesn’t really matter to which merchant you sell to. They all offer the same prices, which can’t be affected by reputation or anything alike.

There are some skills that you can invest in (found under the Anarchy skill tree) which can increase the amount of gold you receive when selling items, as well as some armor that gives you a boost.

And this would be it – you know now how to sell items from your inventory to make more money. Basically, you just have to be a bit patient to progress enough in the game, reach the palace and have this feature unlocked.

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