Fae Farm Produce Stand Location [How to Sell Stuff]

If you’re looking to sell stuff in the game, you’ll need the produce stand. Let’s examine the produce stand location in Fae Farm and see how to sell stuff.

You can sell stuff by placing them on the produce stands available. There are four produce stands in the main plaza and you can unlock an extra one on your farm.

In this guide, I will showcase the produce stand location in Fae Farm, help you unlock the one on your farm, and explain how to sell items in the game.

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How to Sell Stuff in Fae Farm

Produce stand location and how to sell stuff in Fae Farm.

To sell stuff in Fae Farm, place any items you want to sell in a produce stand. You’ll be able to find four produce stands in the main plaza, at the center of the town.

Simply place any items you want to sell there and everything will be sold at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that each produce stand can take up to eight items and you can’t stack items there. Thus, if you want to sell eight berries, you’ll need to use up all eight slots.

As a result, you can sell a limited number of items each day and you should prioritize selling your most expensive items.

Make sure to craft items in their most expensive variants through crafting and cooking. For instance, don’t sell copper ore but craft it into copper ingots first.

If you don’t have any ores to sell, consider checking out our guides on how to get copper ore and iron ore in Fae Farm.

Similarly, instead of selling aquamarine or other gems directly, you can craft them into seals and then put them on sale.

On the central market, you’ll be able to sell 32 items every day, eight on each stand. However, you can also unlock a produce stand on your farm and sell eight more items daily.

Produce Stand Location and How to Unlock in Fae Farm

Produce stand location and how to sell stuff in Fae Farm.

To make a produce stand for your homestead in Fae Farm, progress the main story until chapter 3 and interact with Pearl, who can be found just southwest of the main plaza.

She will have a quest where she’ll sell a Produce Stand for 2,000 Florins.

As for the produce stand location, you’ll be able to find it on your farm, right next to your house.

It’s impossible to miss and extremely convenient since you won’t have to run to the main plaza if you only have a few items to sell.

In this newly unlocked stand, you’ll be able to list eight extra items for sale each day, which is significantly helpful

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the produce stand location in Fae Farm is on your farm next to your house after buying it from Pearl.

You can sell stuff there and in the main plaza simply by placing them on the stand and waiting until the end of the day when they’ll automatically be sold.

What do you think of the unique selling method in Fae Farm? I’m not the biggest fan of it as it doesn’t allow me to mass-sell low-quality items like berries. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding this system in the comments below.

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