Fae Farm: Best Crops to Plant

Are you looking to get rich quickly through farming? Here are the best crops to plant in Fae Farm to make money in the early game.

Overall, you should always plant the most expensive seed available based on your farming level, while making sure you’re adding fertilizer.

In this Fae Farm farming guide, I will list the best crops to farm to get rich and level up your farming skill fast.

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Best Crops to Plant in Fae Farm

Best crops to plant in Fae Farm.

Crop farming in Fae Farm is fairly straightforward as there are limited crop options. Due to that, the best crops to plant in Fae Farm early on are beans, as they’ll keep regrowing after harvest.

Farm a lot of beans to increase your farming skill. Then, as your skill increases, you’ll unlock better farming crops and you should use those.

Specifically, here are all the unlockable crops that you should plant as soon as you unlock them:

  • Farming Lv. 10 – Potato
  • Farming Lv. 15 – Corn
  • Farming Lv. 20 – Pepper

Therefore, in the later stages of the game, the best crop to farm is the Pepper as it has the highest profit per day.

However, it’s not always about profit. To progress in the game and complete certain quests, you’ll need a few of each crop.

For instance, to complete the A Watery Wonder quest in Fae Farm, one of the main story quests, you’ll need 10 Turnips.

Keep in mind that once winter arrives, all crops will immediately wither. Make sure to not have anything planted then, as you’ll simply end up losing money.

Other than crops, you can also consider buying trees from the same vendor, which require no watering and will consistently produce crops.

However, each type of tree will produce crops only during a certain season, as mentioned in their description.

The most important tip for making money through farming in Fae Farm is using Fertilizer to increase crop yield or reduce growth time.

How to Use Fertilizer & Best Fertilizer in Fae Farm

Best crops to plant in Fae Farm.

There are three types of fertilizer in Fae Farm and here are all of them:

  • Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer: Has a chance to transform the crop into a seasonal/fae variety.
  • Zippy Fertilizer: Reduces the crop’s growth time by one day. Has the chance to reduce further by another day every night afterward.
  • Bounteous Fertilizer: Has a chance to increase the crop’s yield every night.

Overall, the best Fertilizer in Fae Farm is Bounteous Fertilizer, with Zippy Fertilizer coming close second. Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer can be fun but it’s way too inconsistent if you’re looking to make money.

As for how to make Fertilizer, craft a Garden Bench with 3x Oak Lumber, 15x Clay, and 15x Silt, and use ingredients from Bug Catching to make it. To craft the required ingredients after catching bugs, craft a Lowlandsd Critter Conservatory.

Once you can start making your own fertilizer, you should fertilize all of your crops since it will significantly increase your average income per crop.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the best crops to plant in Fae Farm are beans early on and peppers once unlocked.

Regardless of the crop, try and always use fertilizer to reduce growth time or increase yield and you’ll maximize your income.

What’s your favorite crop in the game? What do you think about farming in general and tree planting? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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