Fae Farm: Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability Guide [How to Use]

Did you just upgrade to an iron pickaxe and are looking to complete the next main quest? Here’s how to use the Iron Pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm.

Overall, to use the magical ability, upgrade to an iron pickaxe and then press Y/F on Controller/Keyboard while in the mines.

In this guide, I will explain how to use the Iron Pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm and provide some tips to use it efficiently.

How to Use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm

How to use the Iron Pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm.

To use the Iron Pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm, head to the Saltwater Mines after unlocking the Iron Pickaxe and press Y/F on Controller/Keyboard.

This will activate an ability that breaks all rocks in a 3×3 in front of you. This is ideal for clearing grouped nodes and ores in the mines and finding the switch to the next floor faster.

Keep in mind that this ability can be used only while in the mines and will cost mana. At first, your base mana pool will allow you to use the ability about three times. However, you can use it more if you restore mana.

To restore mana in Fae Farm, visit Vera’s shop on the right of the main plaza and buy a Small Potion of Mana for 50 Florin.

By using it once, you’ll be able to complete the quest and claim your rewards.

Also, keep in mind that the pickaxe magical ability is only a first taste of the magic you can use in Fae Farm and there’s a lot more to be found!

How to Upgrade Pickaxe in Fae Farm

How to use the Iron Pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm.

The base requirement for completing this quest is upgrading your pickaxe. To upgrade to an Iron Pickaxe in Fae Farm, explore the lower floors of the mine and look for Iron Ore.

Convert it to Iron Ingots by combining it with Coal in your Smelter and visit the Blacksmith below the main square. With a few Iron Ingots and enough Gold, you’ll be able to instantly upgrade your pickaxe.

Overall, upgrading your pickaxe early is important as mining is one of the best ways to make money and progress in the game. A better pickaxe will make you a more efficient miner.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to use the Magical Ability with the Iron Pickaxe in Fae Farm, simply visit the mines and press Y or F, based on whether you’re using a controller or a keyboard.

Then, you’ll damage all nine tiles in front of you and break any rocks, ores, and gems there.

What do you think about the magical ability? I feel like the ores are too spread out for this ability to be always useful but it’s definitely a fun addition. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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