NBA 2K24 Timing Stability Explained

Are you trying to fine-tune a shot in MyCareer and noticed a new shot attribute? Let’s see what the Timing Stability stat does in NBA 2K24.

Overall, this stat replaces the Shot Timing Impact stat and influences how fast your shots will be.

In this guide, I will explain what the Timing Stability shot attribute is in NBA 2K24 and showcase how it works.

Combine this with our NBA 2K24 shot timing visual cue setting guide and you’ll be able to make your shots significantly more consistent.

How Timing Stability Works in NBA 2K24

Timing Stability explained in NBA 2K24.

Timing Stability is a new shot attribute in NBA 2K24 that replaces the Shot Timing Impact attribute. Timing Stability affects the speed of your shot. Specifically, having a higher Timing Stability will reduce the negative effects on your shot speed caused by fatigue and defense.

Specifically, the mechanic has been further explained by NBA 2K24 Gameplay Director Mike Wang in a recent tweet. Mike Wang claims:

  • Variable shot timing has been toned down for 2K24, also we changed the Shot Timing Impact shooting attribute to Shot Timing Stability. Higher Stability grades will further dampen the effects of fatigue/defense on your shot speed.

Overall, this stat will allow you to remain consistent throughout the game, despite fatigue or intense defense. Thus, it’s important to aim for at least a B+ score on it.

As for where to check the Timing Stability stat, head to MyCareer and then navigate to Jump Shot Creator. From there, you’ll be able to see all your Shot Attributes on the bottom right, which are the following:

  • Release Height
  • Defensive Immunity
  • Release Speed
  • Timing Stability

However, keep in mind that having a high Timing Stability stat will not increase or affect your shot’s Green Window. To increase your Green Window in NBA 2K24, turn off your shot meter, which will increase it by 20%.

Wrapping up

To sum up this NBA 2K24 Timing Stability guide, this stat will allow you to maintain a consistent jump shot speed throughout the game, regardless of fatigue and defense pressure.

All in all, it’s an important stat to keep track of in MyCareer and will help increase your player’s consistency.

What do you think about the Timing Stability stat? What’s your ideal Timing Stability stat and overall Shot Attributes in NBA 2K24? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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