Fae Farm: How to Get Iron Ore

Are you looking to upgrade your tools and unlock magical abilities? Let’s examine how to get iron ore in Fae Farm.

Overall, you can collect iron ore by progressing through the saltwater mines. In the deeper levels, you’ll be able to find abundant iron ore and various gems.

In this guide, I will explain how to get iron ore in Fae Farm while also showcasing where to use it.

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How to Get Iron Ore in Fae Farm

How to get iron ore in Fae Farm.

To get Iron Ore in Fae Farm, enter the saltwater mines and navigate to floors 10-24. These floors have a chance to spawn Iron Ore and you can gather it with the Copper Pickaxe.

Ideally, I recommend the best floors to farm iron ore are floors 17-24 as the ore has a higher spawn chance there.

Even better if you could mine on floors 21-24, as you’ll also get Topaz there, which is the most expensive mineral found in the saltwater mines and ideal for making money fast.

The only issue with iron ore is that it looks very similar to coal. Their main difference is that iron ore looks like small iron pieces stuck together on a larger rock, while coal is simply coal pieces stuck together and there’s no rock below it.

If you’re having a hard time telling them apart, check the top image. The one on the left is iron ore and the one on the right is coal.

Where to Use Iron Ore and Iron Ingot

How to get iron ore in Fae Farm.

Now that you’ve collected enough Iron Ore, let’s see where to use it. The first and most important use is to upgrade your tools. Convert it to Iron Ingots at a Forge and visit the Blacksmith.

Iron Tools come with unique magical abilities. For more information here, check out our guide on how to use the iron pickaxe magical ability in Fae Farm.

Also, you can use Iron to craft Iron Seals (and their upgraded versions), to help you progress in the mines faster.

Otherwise, Iron Ingots are used in crafting various items and structures in the game, so you’ll always need them. Of course, you can always sell any extra iron ore you’ve got, as they have a solid selling price.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to get iron ore in Fae Farm navigate to floors 10-24 in the saltwater mines and look for iron nodes that are similar in color to coal.

After collecting enough iron, you’ll be able to upgrade your tools, craft more seals, and construct new buildings.

What’s the first thing you did with iron ore? Have you managed to collect enough to the point where you’re selling it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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