Astral Party Characters: How to Unlock Your Favorite Easily

Found your main, and want to play with them? This guide will go over how to unlock your favorite easily in Astral Party.

All you have to do is complete the tutorial, get your character chest, and open it to get your favorite.

Let’s go over it in a little bit more detail.

Astral Party: Gacha System


To unlock characters most players will have to go through the gacha system, and try their luck.

You can either get a character by pulling on the gacha system or exchanging the token you get in the store.

You can get the currency to pull by completing quests or achievements in the game.

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Astral Party: Getting the Character Chest


To avoid waiting on the Gacha System to get the character you want, there is one alternative.

Hidden behind the game’s tutorial is a character chest that will allow you to pick one of the available characters.

You will simply need to press on the question mark below the Gacha/Store icon, and then press Confirm in the window that pops up.

Once the tutorial is completed you will get an unopened chest in your bag, and when you use it you will be given a Character Selector.

All you have to do is pick the character you want, and then BOOM, that character will become unlocked for you.

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Final Thoughts

Having a way to unlock characters in the beginning is a great way to allow players to have their favorite without having to struggle with the gacha system.

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With the method of unlocking your favorite characters easily in Astral Party, you will be able to avoid the worst of luck in the Gacha System. Let us know in the comments which character is your favorite to use while playing.


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