Valheim Mistlands: Best Weapons

The Mistlands update in Valheim introduced a variety of new weapons. As the current end-game biome, many of them are some of the best weapons overall.

Other than the normal melee and ranged weapons, the Mistlands update also added a new mechanic: magic.

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In this guide, I will list the best weapons in Valheim introduced in the Mistlands update and mention what makes them great.

8. Mistwalker

The Mistwalker is the newest one-handed sword. While it’s only a small upgrade over the previous sword, it’s still an upgrade.

Specifically, the Blackmetal Sword has 95 pierce damage, while the Mistwalker has 75 pierce damage and 40 frost damage.

Not only does it deal more damage, but the Frost element makes it a great way of dealing with most enemies.

Lastly, the Mistwalker’s attacks can be used as a means to clear nearby mist while exploring the Mistlands.

7. Spine Snap

The Spine Snap is a direct upgrade over the Draugr Fang since it deals 72 pierce damage. While it does require more stamina per shot compared to the Draugr Fang, the new foods available in the Mistlands will help you deal with any stamina issues easily.

6. Arbalest

Arbalest is a crossbow that deals 200 pierce damage per shot. The main drawback is that it takes a long time to load each shot (about 5 seconds), which can make a huge difference during combat.

However, you can load it beforehand and as long as you don’t switch your equipped weapon, it will remain loaded.

5. Himmin Afl

The Himmin Afl is a two-handed spear that utilizes the power of lightning. Specifically, whenever you hit any monsters, that monster will get electrified.

Other than the fact that it looks insanely cool, electrifying monsters allows you to take them down one by one, without having each one charging at you.

4. Krom

Krom is the new two-handed sword. While it hits slower than one-handed swords and can’t be paired with a shield, it hits significantly harder.

Specifically, while the Blackmetal sword has 95 pierce damage, the Krom has 150. This allows it to even one-shot enemies like Draugrs and Fulings.

3. Dead Raiser/Staff of Protection

These two weapons utilize blood magic, which means using them costs health in addition to Eitr.

The Dead Raiser summons a strong skeleton to fight on your side, which works similarly to pets.

The Staff of Protection summons a protective barrier around you for one minute, which blocks enemy attacks. However, it has limited hit points and it can break if hit enough times.

2. The Demolisher

The Demolisher is the new hammer which is a huge upgrade over the previous best hammer (Iron Hammer). With 145 blunt damage, the Demolisher makes hammers playable in end-game content.

It deals very high area of effect damage, which makes it an ideal choice to bring along when exploring dungeons or dealing with hordes of enemies.

1. Staff of Frost/Staff of Embers

These are the two elemental weapons introduced in the Mistlands update.

The staff of Frost is an elemental weapon that specializes in rapid attacks. Specifically, it shoots icicles continuously until you run out of Eitr

The Staff of Embers fires slower compared to the Staff of Frost but deals more damage per shot. It shoots fireballs that push back enemies when hit.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know regarding the best weapons in the latest Valheim Mistlands update.

The addition of a new double-handed sword, an insanely strong hammer, and magic weapons offers a unique twist to Valheim’s gameplay and I highly recommend trying out each weapon since they’re fun in their way.

Now that you’ve decided on a weapon, consider checking out our guide on the best food for each build in Valheim Mistlands. This way, you’ll be ready to face any opponent and use the new magic elements.

Which weapon is your favorite from the Mistlands ones? Do you enjoy the new magic weapons? Let us know in the comments below.


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