Valheim Mistlands: How to See Through Mist

The new Mistlands biome in Valheim includes a unique mechanic featuring thick mist. Players are unable to see anything and it feels impossible to explore like that.

Thankfully, there is an easy workaround that allows players to see through the mist and that includes crafting Wisplights and Wisp Torches.

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In this guide, I will explain how to see through the mist in the Mistlands update for Valheim and showcase how to collect wisps and craft Wisplights and Wisp Torches.

How to See Through Mist in Valheim

To see through the dense mist in Valheim, players will need to craft any of the following items.

  • Wisplight
  • Wisp Torch
  • Mistwalker

The wisplight is a small blue orb that follows the player and clears all mist surrounding them.

The Wisp Torch is a building item that can be placed anywhere (similar to normal torches) and clears all mist surrounding it.

Lastly, the Mistwalker is a sword that clears the surrounding mist on each strike.

You’ll need the Wisplight while exploring and the Wisp Torches while moving through common areas like near your base or shipyard.

How to Craft Wisplight and Wisp Torch in Valheim

Thankfully, these items are fairly easy to craft. To craft a wisplight, players will need 1 wisp and 1 silver ingot. As for wisp torches, each torch requires 1 wisp and 1 Yggdrasil wood.

You should already have silver ingots from exploring the mountain biome so I recommend starting your exploration in the Mistlands by crafting a wisplight.

As for Yggdrasil wood, it can be gained at the new Mistlands biome from the large Yggdrasil Shoots.

However, one item is still missing: Wisps. Let’s see how to get wisps, an essential item for exploring the Mistlands biome.

How to Get Wisps in Valheim

Check the Wisp Fountain at night to collect wisps in Valheim.

First, players will need to defeat Yagluth, the boss in the Plains biome. Yagluth drops 3x Torn Spirits, which upon picking up will unlock the Wisp Fountain recipe.

To build a Wisp Fountain, players will need 1 Torn Spirit, 10 Stones, and to be close to a Stonecutter.

Place the Wisp Fountain anywhere and wait until nighttime. Then, wisps will gather around the fountain and you can interact with them to pick them up.

For the Wisplight, you only need 1 wisp, so this shouldn’t take long. Now you’re ready to properly explore the Mistlands biome.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to see through the mist in the Mistlands biome in Valheim.

Defeat Yagluth, craft a Wisp Fountain, and use you’re newly acquired wisps to craft a Wisplight and some Wisp Torches.

Now that the mist has slightly retreated, it’s time to start worrying about the main threats in the Mistlands biome: enemy monsters.

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What do you think about the mist mechanic in Valheim? Do you enjoy the wisplight aesthetic in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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