Torchlight Infinite: Berserker Best DPS Build

When deciding how to play Torchlight Infinite you will need to be thinking of the different classes and characters to choose from.

They are very good, but there are some better than others. Stay tuned to find out the best Berserker DPS build.

Each class that you will pick will practically give you a different Torchlight Infinite. If you do decide to go for the Berserker build though, expect havoc and a lot of DPS.

This build will make you focus on the DPS. this means that you will want to be dealing as much damage as possible to either single or more enemies at once.

In this guide, I will be giving you the best absolute Berserker build of your dreams. Let’s see what you will need in order to actually make it.

Berserker Best DPS Build in Torchlight Infinite

Berserker is the best build to be made on Rehan. He is the typical type of melee and in-your-face character that is most often seen in almost every hack-and-slash game.

You will need to focus on damage dealing mostly with this build. Another thing to know is that you will want to be constantly moving around.

Rehan does have a lot of AoE skills which you will want to put best to use when among a lot of enemies. So sometimes, you will want to actually drag as many enemies as possible first.

And then do the skills and damage.

Berserker Traits

These are the best Berserker Traits that you should be focusing on:

  • Frenzy Furious
    • +3% chance to hit on a critical hit for every rage
    • At maximum rage, you will automatically go berserk.
  • Anger
    • When you get hit whilst also berserk is active, burst will go off once (cooldown: 0.2 seconds)
    • +1 extra burst damage for every level
  • Rampaging
    • Now, Burst has two slots for support skills.
    • When you beat an enemy, you’ll get three rage.
    • 3% damage protection per 20 rage
  • Uncontrolled Anger
    • +40% more damage from attacks while berserk is on
    • 15% of your max life is lost every second whilst also berserk is on.
    • +50% more rage when berserk is active
  • Boiling Anger
    • Getting a critical hit gives you 15 rage (cooldown: 0.3 seconds)

Berserker Gear

This is a certain type of gear set that you should be aiming for when playing with this build. This is what you will need to go for:

  • Weapon 1 – Dangerous Dream
  • Weapon 2 – Fire Lord’s Sin
  • Ring 1 – Frozen Flame
  • Ring 2 – Frostfire Ring
  • Boots – Fallen Knight’s Footguard
  • Belt – Quickness Belt
  • Gloves – Ardour
  • Necklace – Shooting Star
  • Armor – Martyr’s Staff
  • Helmet – Tide of the Styx

Berserker Skills

Berserker is very well known for its damage-dealing skills. You will want to combine that damage with the most amount of enemies.

This means that sometimes you will first want to get a lot of enemies to follow you around until you will begin using your skills.

These are a couple of the best ones that you should be using:

  • Whirlwind
    • Critical strike damage increase
    • Bloodthirsty slaughter
    • Precision strike
    • Guard
    • Physical to fire
  • Ressurection Warcry
    • Armor infusion
    • Emergency Restoration
    • Cooldown reduction
  • Fixate
    • Mass Effect
    • Deathwill
    • Extended duration
    • Soul Focus
  • Scorch
    • Abysmal hatred
    • Cooldown reduction
    • Extended duration
    • Terrain of malice
  • Bloodthirst
    • Extended duration
    • Soul Focus
    • Cooldown reduction

Berserker Talents

There are many talents to choose from in the new Torchlight Infinite. They define how your character will turn out to be.

So if you want to go for the Berserker, you will most likely be choosing the ones for better damage. Here are the best talents that you should go for:

  • Bloodstriker
    • Strength – 144
    • Dexterity – 48
    • Intelligence – 48
      • Arcane – 100 mana converted to life cost; 35% maximum health
      • No Loose Ends – 300 CRIT and 35 additional ATK 
  • God of Might
    • Strength – 78
    • Dexterity – 26
    • Intelligence – 26
      • Fueling – damage ignores enemy fire resistance
  • Druid
    • Strength – 30
    • Dexterity – 90
    • Intelligence – 30
      • Calm – 50% damage taken less; 25% additional damage on full HP
      • Rebirth – 50% life regain; -50% extra regain interval

The Best Skill for Berserker

The whirlwind.

As for the build, go for fire conversion because it can let you ignore enemy resistances, which makes gearing easier. 

This lets you do the most damage and save the most time in the game, since you do not have to worry about enemy resistance.

In terms of the skill itself, whirlwind is fairly much a spin-to-win skill, even within other ARPGs. In this case, it’s clear what to do. 

Not only that, but you can also continue pushing while rotating at the same time. This makes the game run very smoothly and quickly, especially when you’re clearing maps.

It’s also great for people who are just starting out because it doesn’t depend on a plethora of mechanics to work. 

Everything you have to do is press down the Whirlwind button to begin destroying enemies on the way.


That’s everything that you need to know about making the best Berserker DPS build in Torchlight Infinite. You will want to go ahead and try this out yourself.

It has worked for a lot of players. But you will need to focus on your style of gameplay too, not just the build. You will want to actually be constantly moving around.

Whenever there are enemies and your skills are on cooldown, you will actually want to be moving around and timing your strikes.

Then when the time is right, you will go back and do all the AoE damage as possible.

I hope that this guide has helped you out and made you a better overall Berserker. Have fun!

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