The Outer Worlds Inhaler Guide: What Ingredients to Use in Each Slot

The inhaler in The Outer Worlds is an extremely useful and interesting item that you have access to, one that can easily get you out of the most difficult situations in the game.

But how to use the Emergency Medical Inhaler (as that is its official name)? What consumables to add in each slot and how to get the most out of it?

These are the questions that we’re going to provide an answer for in today’s article about the Outer Words’ inhaler.

How does the Inhaler work in the game?

the outer worlds inhaler setup 2

You probably know that already: the inhaler is the “heal box” of the past, its main role being that of instantly healing your character.

But the interesting thing is that it has additional slots that once unlocked allow you to place various other consumables inside in order to create your unique concoction with various effects each time you use it.

For example, you can add items that will increase your base health, health regeneration, boost various skills, provide you with added armor and much more. Basically, any consumable that you have can be placed inside the inhaler.

What’s even better about it is that all the consumables you place inside its slots will get a boost in either effects or duration (or both).

This makes it a lot better to use the said consumables with the inhaler instead of consuming them directly from your inventory.

In order to use the inhaler, you will have to press F on your keyboard and you will instantly use one, with all the consumables you have mixed in – as long as you have them.

If you don’t have one or more of the consumables you have placed in its slots, they will simply not be used.

So unfortunately, the game won’t automatically replace them with something similar and not even with an item with identical effects.

How to unlock additional inhaler slots?

When you start the game, you will most likely begin with just one slot open for the inhaler – and that’s the actual Adreno shot, equipped by default, healing 25% of your health over 2 seconds.

But if you invest in your Medical skill, you will unlock additional slots when you hit various milestones:

  • at 20 points, you unlock your 2nd Inhaler slot
  • at 40 points, you unlock the 3rd one
  • at 80 points, you unlock the 4th and final slot

Based on my experience playing the game, I would say that getting your Medical skill to 80 is not really necessary, as you can setup a decent inhaler in The Outer Worlds with just 3 slots open (and use those skill points in other areas).

Best setup for your Inhaler’s slots

For my first playthrough, I played the game on Normal difficulty (or whatever the second setting is called) and I usually found it to be way too easy. As a result, I didn’t really use the Inhaler a lot.

On the other hand, it becomes a lot more useful – and vital I would say – if you play on a higher difficulty setting.

In that case, you have to carefully consider all the options that you have when it comes to filling up your inhaler’s slots in order to get the best effects.

Here is my recommended setup, one that is focused on keeping you alive for as long as possible during those really tough battles:

Inhaler slot 1: Adreno (for that almost instant healing effect)
Inhaler slot 2: Raptidon Meat (to get more health)
Inhaler slot 3: Fast Ration Pill (gives you 200% health regen, keeping you alive longer)

the outer worlds inhaler setup

Now, as I said, I don’t feel the need for going all the way to 80 with my Medical skill and unlocking the 4th slot.

But if I had it, I would suggest going with either extra points in your survival rating (by using an item that gives you extra armor like the Metallisys Gel) or for something affecting the TTD recharge rate (like the Thinking Cap-let).

This is, in my opinion, the best setup for the inhaler, as it does what you’d expect from an emergency kit: help you stay alive.

That 4th slot is the wildcard, as it can be used for something fancy, but I repeat: I consider it a waste for most builds to unlock it.


You will need to have a large supply of the items that you use in your inhaler’s slots. The ones that I recommended will most likely never run out if you collect the loot when playing the game.

However, if you happen to run out of the items for the 2nd or 3rd slot, there are others that you can replace them with:

Raptidon Meat with Tartarus Sauce, Frozen Dinner, Gourmet Saltuna Fillets, Boarst Wurst, Canned Saltuna and more.

Fast Ration Pill with Pre-Sliced Bred, Tarmac & Cheese, Mock Apple or more (just make sure that the duration is 2 minutes and not 20 seconds).

Why no other items?

the outer worlds inhaler setup 1

There are other items that offer nice bonuses, like the cigarettes that give you a big bonus to your weapon’s sway or spread, or beverages that increase your personality… but I would say no to both.

The problem with these items is that they create addiction and you will have to constantly use them in order to keep the bonuses active or else, you will get some major penalties.

And with active times really low (around 1 minute), it’s really not worth going though all the trouble, in my opinion. Better play it nice and safe with the recommended setup below.


The inhaler doesn’t feel very important for most of your playthrough if you are playing on the easier modes, but it becomes an important part of your inventory afterwards.

You know now how it works and you have my recommended setup for all its slots and I can only hope that you will find this useful. It will definitely keep you alive for longer and give you a better chance when dealing with multiple, tough enemies.

Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your inventory and make sure that you always have enough of the consumables you have placed in the inhaler’s slots – or at least to replace them with something that gives you the same effects.

What do you think about this setup, though? Will you use it or you’d prefer a different approach?

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