The Last Spell: How to Beat Lakeburg

Lakeburg is the third map in The Last Spell and players can access it after completing Gildenberg. To complete Lakeburg, players will need to survive 11 nights and beat a boss on the 12th night.

Compared to Gildenberg, the difficulty really spikes up in Lakeburg, so players will need to come prepared if they’re hoping to complete this map.

In this guide, I will mention all enemies that appear in Lakeburg and provide you with the best tips to survive 11 nights, while also explaining how to defeat the final boss of this map.

How to Beat Lakeburg in the Last Spell – Survive the 11 Nights

Lakeburg map start in The Last Spell.
Lakeburg map start in The Last Spell.

Overall, surviving the first few nights is largely dependent on what heroes you get. The best tip here is to check your heroes and their traits and use them accordingly.

As for upgrades, focus on Omens that will help you survive such as extra Crit, Damage, and Armor. Also, mana regeneration can be helpful.

In terms of defensive buildings, prioritize Catapults and Ballistas during the early nights, and build walls and barricades during the last few nights only.

Focus on upgrading the Gold Mine and your housing as soon as possible.

Lastly, in terms of heroes, make sure to always have as many heroes as you can.

How to Beat Lakeburg Boss in The Last Spell – Cetusia the Putrescent Wyrm

Defeat the head first to beat the Lakeburg boss in The Last Spell.
Defeat the head first to beat the Lakeburg boss in The Last Spell.

Now that you’ve managed to reach the final boss, get ready because this fight is far from easy.

To beat the Lakeburg boss, you will need to kill the head three times (not the tail). The boss has three phases.

For the first phase, players need to defeat the Blue Snake Head and then the tail. For the second phase, defeat the Yellow Snake Head and then the tail.

Lastly, for the third phase, defeat the Red Snake head.

Keep in mind that defeating the tail before the head will cause the head to respawn.

Now that you’ve understood how the boss works, here are the best tips for defeating it:

  1. Place heroes near the lake – the boss spawns in a certain location (near the lake) so make sure to place your heroes there before the night starts.
  2. Prioritize ranged heroes – Check out our best weapons guide and prioritize using any of the ranged weapons there.
  3. Best hero traits – focus on getting the boss/elite killer rifleman and any isolation traits on longbow users to take down the boss from afar.
  4. Do not return to the main menu if you fail – Do not return to the main menu if you’re losing. Instead, you should Alt+F4 the game. When you do that and launch the game again, you will be at the last autosave point.
    This is either when you started the last day (day 11 for this run) or when you go to the main menu. Thus, if you go back to the main menu, you’ll have to restart the run from scratch.

Wrapping up

To summarize this guide, that’s everything you need to know on how to beat Lakeburg in The Last Spell.

Defeat the head and then the tail and repeat this process three times. Prioritize ranged damage dealers in terms of heroes and try to place them close to the boss’ spawn location.

Did you manage to defeat this boss on your first try? Do you have any other tips to add? Let us know in the comments below.


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