The Last Spell: How to Get More Heroes

When starting a new game in The Last Spell, you’ll be given three random heroes to use.

However, these won’t be enough to deal with what the mid and late-game waves will bring. Thus, it’s essential to get more heroes as soon as you can.

To get more heroes, you’ll need to build the Inn and buy them from there at the cost of Gold.

In this guide, I will explain how to build the Inn and get more heroes in the Last Spell.

Unlock the Inn to Get More Heroes in The Last Spell

How to unlock the Inn and get more heroes in The Last Spell.
How to unlock the Inn and get more heroes in The Last Spell.

Players can get more heroes through the Inn building. To unlock and build an Inn in The Last Spell, players will need to fulfill two requirements:

  1. Survive the fourth night in Gildenberg.
  2. Unlock it from the Tainted Essence Blessing tree.
  3. Have 110 Gold.

This means that you’ll need to survive the first four nights with only your three random starting heroes. After that, you’ll be able to claim the Inn as a reward from the Tainted Essence Blessing tree.

As long as you have 110 Gold to spare, you’ll be able to construct an Inn in your city from which you can recruit heroes.

How to Buy Heroes from the Inn in The Last Spell

Use the Inn to buy more heroes in The Last Spell.
Use the Inn to buy more heroes in The Last Spell.

With the Inn constructed, players are able to recruit heroes during daytime.

Each hero has a different price, depending on their level and equipment. On average, heroes cost between 90 and 160 Gold. Thus, it’s essential after night four, to save enough Gold both for an Inn and to buy a hero.

The list of available heroes is random and it refreshes every day. Additionally, players can choose to reroll the current heroes by selecting “Reroll Roster”. This costs 25 Gold and will give them another list of random heroes.

Also, the Inn can be used to add more Mages to the Magic Circle for 30 Gold. These will restore a portion of the Circle’s health.

Wrapping up

To summarize, players can get more heroes in The Last Spell by constructing the Inn and buying them from there.

Make sure to save some Gold before you unlock the Inn so that you can build it and buy a hero in the same turn. Overall, having more heroes is extremely important as it will help you survive during the later nights.

Which hero did you get? Are you using as many heroes as possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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